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Climate Change and the Stages of Grief

POSTED: Tim Rumage - Planetary Ethicist 11.21.2016 no comments


I have had enough colleagues, friends and family members die – of age, aids, alcohol, cancer, heart failure, disease, accident, suicide, violence, at sea, on land, quickly, slowly, unexpectedly, horribly, from heredity, doing what they loved, willfully, unwittingly, too soon and just because – that I am cognizant and intimately familiar with denial and its […]


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Atmospheric Cleansing Technology

POSTED: David Houle - Futurist 11.11.2016 no comments


In our book “This Spaceship Earth” my co-author Tim Rumage and I write about the essential need to create technologies that can perform “atmospheric cleansing”. We state that this is the “moon shot” technology needed to return the current 1230+ gigatonnes of CO2 in the atmosphere back down to the 830 gigatonne level of 45 […]


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The Dark Side of the Golden Rule

POSTED: Tim Rumage - Planetary Ethicist 11.02.2016 no comments


  NOTE:  This column from Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer of TSE.Org first appeared here: http://planetaryethicist.com/    As I learned it, the Golden Rule was ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ with the goal that such consciousness would lead to doing good, being good and using kindness, graciousness and gratitude as […]


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Sea Level Rise is Now! The State of Denial is Eroding.

POSTED: David Houle - Futurist 09.06.2016 no comments


Climate Change is real. It is happening and it is accelerating. There are many obvious indicators to see for anyone not holding a contrived political filter, those that still live in the rapidly eroding state of denial.   Sea level rise can now be seen in the present, not imagined decades down the line. Entire […]


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Nature Produces Abundance Without Waste… Why Can’t We?

POSTED: Bob Leonard 07.14.2016 no comments


During the Rio de Janeiro Olympics this summer, barriers will be installed across the fourteen dying rivers that empty into Guanabara Bay. The barriers are to keep garbage from floating into the paths of Olympic sailors. In the bay itself, a fleet of boats will patrol to keep debris from causing any mishaps and potentially costing someone a medal.


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Leonardo DiCaprio’s address to the United Nations

POSTED: David Houle - Futurist 05.23.2016 no comments


Through time we hope Crew Commentary will be a place where intelligent and inspirational messages from people around the world will be posted. It is our goal to have this space become one of stimulating messages that will prompt all who visit here to commit to becoming crew of This Spaceship Earth. Here is the inspirational speech Leonardo DiCaprio delivered to the United Nations. Thank you Mr. DiCaprio for truly being a leading crew member!


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The 2% Solution

POSTED: David Houle - Futurist 05.02.2016 no comments


There are so many actions to take as crew members of This Spaceship Earth [TSE]. A short list is on the Acting as Crew page.   People should take actions that resonate with them. Some will feel good about growing gardens, replacing lawns and planting trees. Others will be inspired to try to move toward […]


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Climate change is like a pebble rolling down a mountain

POSTED: Tim Rumage - Planetary Ethicist 04.15.2016 no comments


Climate Change is an ecological, social and economic destabilizer and disruptor of historic and epic proportions. Historic because the changes it brings will cause the old ways, old assumptions and perceived heritage of a place and community to disappear through loss of functionality. Epic because it eventually impacts all communities and habitats everywhere.   In […]


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Physics is Not Political

POSTED: Tim Rumage - Planetary Ethicist 03.17.2016 no comments


Physics is not political, it simply is. The Planet is a dynamic entity, not a static one. It responds to all the stimuli it is given.   The longer the air temperature is above 32oF (0oC), the more ice will melt. The higher the air temperature is above 32oF (0oC), the more ice will melt. […]


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Why Crew Consciousness?

POSTED: David Houle - Futurist 01.18.2016 no comments


Some 40 years ago, shortly after publishing his book “Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth”, R. Buckminster Fuller wrote a book called “Utopia or Oblivion”. Fuller suggested that in a few decades – meaning now- humanity would approach a fork in the road: utopia or oblivion. Would humanity be proactive and face the true reality of letting go of the past ways of behavior and energy use and seek a higher level of living and consciousness, or would we blindly travel down a destructive path for Spaceship Earth, continuing with no operating manual or awareness of actually living on a planetary spaceship.


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