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Climate Resilience Planning Could Have Averted Southwest’s Christmas Debacle

POSTED: Bob Leonard 01.16.2023 no comments


Southwest estimates the loss from their scheduling system meltdown to be around $825M. Those are just the direct costs of lost revenue from canceling more than 15,000 of its flights starting on Dec. 22. It doesn’t include the costs for fines, brand erosion and systems upgrades which will increase the loss to well over a […]


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Pick-n-Pull Adventures in Sustainability

POSTED: Jon Biemer 09.03.2022 no comments


by Jon Biemer, P.E.   I want to see how my eco-actions can scale to be part of larger climate change solutions. Pick-n-Pull and its parent company Schnitzer Steel offer industrial-scale hope in that regard.   If you drive down Foster Road in Portland, east of the 205 freeway, you pass several auto and truck […]


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Regarding the Fate of Humanity on Planet Earth

POSTED: Tim Rumage - Planetary Ethicist 08.15.2022 no comments


by Tim Rumage, Planetary Ethicist   I am very optimistic regarding the fate of humanity on Spaceship Earth I have little hope regarding the fate of humanity on Spaceship Earth.   I am optimistic because I have been involved in enough projects to know that humanity knows how to regenerate healthy ecosystems, restore biodiversity, generate […]


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Rewilding the UK

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by Neil Kitching   I am donating one third of the profits from my book “Carbon Choices” to rewilding projects. In this blog I explain why I support rewilding.   Humans have devastated nature – on land, in the sea, in the soil, in the air. We have converted land to grow crops, introduced vast […]


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Beyond Discouragement: Repair One Dishwasher, Repair the World

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by Jon Biemer   The repairman said the dishwasher’s diverter valve had failed. “That decides whether to shoot jets of water through the lower or upper spray arms.” Our automatic dishwasher typically requires less water, energy, soap and time than hand washing. “However,” the man said, “ASKO no longer makes parts for its out-of-warrantee appliances.” […]


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Climate Optimism

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by Neil Kitching   Why write a blog on ‘Climate Optimism’? Simply, because the solutions to climate change have multiple benefits for people, society and the environment.    Action on housing, city and rural land-use, travel, shopping and our diets will all improve the quality of our lives in so many ways.   Powering Our […]


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Evidence the Tide is Turning: from Amazon, Walmart and Horizon

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  Written by Jon Biemer   I’m heartened by evidence that corporate America really can step up to its responsibility to help sustain Spaceship Earth.   Amazon’s packages   Amazon has delivered a lot of packages to our home during COVID-19. That’s a lot of corrugated cardboard – and a lot of trees. I was […]


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The Story Behind Kufunda – an African Learning Community

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What follows is a transcript of an interview by my friend Christine Brauitgam of Maaianne Knuth, the founder of the Kufunda village in Zimbabwe. I edited the interview for length and clarity. You can listen to the entire interview here. – Bob Leonard    Hello this is Christine Brautigam. I was a guest, volunteer, and […]


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A Missive from Zimbabwe

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My friend, Christine Brautigam, looking for meaningful work in this world, retired early from a corporate career and her own consulting firm. As part of the class of 2021, Christine attained an elementary school teaching license. Her latest venture is participating as a visiting teacher at the Kufunda Learning Village and Waldorf-inspired School 40 minutes outside […]


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Climate Refugees and Strategic Retreat

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by David Houle   This is a topic that needs to be addressed urgently, but is not even on the agenda at COP26. So far, the agenda has been about groups of countries making grand statements concerning reducing carbon emissions sometime in the future.     As stated in my prior column, humanity emits 100 […]


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