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Mission 2030: A Global Youth Climate Summit

POSTED: Bob Leonard 04.26.2021 no comments


This Spaceship Earth is producing Mission 2030: a Climate Summit for youth and delivered by youth. Why? Our climate crisis will impact today’s youth for the rest of their lives. It will affect all aspects of their existence from the careers they choose, to the opportunities they experience, to their relationships with institutions and governments, […]


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Mission 2030 is a Global Youth Climate Summit

POSTED: Bob Leonard 04.13.2021 no comments


Taking place on Monday, May 3rd, 2021 this summit is designed for young people to learn about our climate crisis, to participate by sharing their climate thoughts and actions, and to enable youth around the world to meet and get to know their peers. Mission 2030 is a free climate summit produced by This Spaceship […]


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La’au Ha’awi: Planting Hope on Maui  

POSTED: Jon Biemer 03.22.2021 no comments


  edited by Jon Biemer   A modest cadre of dedicated folks on the island of Maui, Hawai‘i, just completed an elegant initiative to provide local food, sequester carbon dioxide, and reduce transportation carbon emissions. Plant a lot of fruit trees where they will be appreciated.     Volunteers planting fruit trees at Ka Hale […]


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You Have the Opportunity to Create a Better World… and Have a Wonderful Life Doing It

POSTED: Bob Leonard 03.15.2021 no comments


by Bob Leonard   It may soon be possible for average people to take a ride on a spaceship. Both Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are using some of their billions to develop spaceships to transport passengers outside our planet’s atmosphere.   What many people don’t realize is that we already are astronauts aboard Spaceship […]


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It Takes a Village to Change the System

POSTED: Jon Biemer 02.02.2021 no comments


by Jon Biemer   An amazing diversity of actors contributes to the healing of our planet. This became apparent to me as I made the final revisions to my book Our Environmental Handprints: Recover the Earth, Reverse Global Warming, Reclaim the Future. Consider for example the cast of characters who are reviving the Los Angeles […]


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Leadership Guidance Concerning the Future of Climate

POSTED: Bob Leonard 12.06.2020 no comments


by Bob Leonard and David Ross   Last year, the IPCC warned that we have until 2030 to take meaningful action to avoid the worst consequences of our climate crisis. We have the technologies and the knowledge to address this crisis. We can’t nullify it… it’s too late for that. But we can mitigate the […]


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German Crew Member Explains Why Her Country is Tops in Recycling

POSTED: Bob Leonard 10.05.2020 no comments


Crew member Yvonne Koppen was born and raised in Germany and has lived in the United States, France and Spain. She understands the struggle of settling in a new home and is happy to share simple tips and tricks on how things are done in her home country, to help expats get their German experience […]


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Adventures in Solar Cooking Applesauce

POSTED: Jon Biemer 09.22.2020 no comments


As crewmembers on Spaceship Earth it is good to actually try some of the things we hear and talk about. So it is that I finally engaged the craft of solar cooking here in Portland, Oregon. Natalia, my solar cooking friend in California, says start with something simple, like applesauce.   August 27, 2020. Motivated […]


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Precedent for the Next Green New Deal

POSTED: Jon Biemer 08.10.2020 no comments


by Jon Biemer   There is talk of a Green New Deal. Pundits complain that it is merely a wish list of social, environmental and economic proposals. That it lacks substance. That it is going to be expensive. But there is ample precedence we can make it happen.     The Original New Deal   […]


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Allies On Our Earth Walk

POSTED: Jon Biemer 07.13.2020 no comments


What if set you out to change the world – and mostly it is you who changes?   From April 1st to June 30th this year (three months) my wife, Willow, and I pilgrimaged in place on what we called Our Earth Walk. My intention, as I wrote in my April 5th blog, was “to […]


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