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An Inflection Point and the Metamorphosis of Thought

Tim Rumage - Planetary Ethicist


The first Quartermaster’s Report, compiled by myself, was published in the book I wrote (This Spaceship Earth) with futurist David Houle. The second Quartermaster’s Report (QMR) was published in 2023 in the book (Now That You Know) researched and written by the team at This Spaceship Earth (the non-profit).   The latest update of the […]


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Systems Change Isn’t Easy, Yet It’s Required

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager


More people are beginning to perceive the root of the problem in our misguided value system, and they are searching for new values and new ways of living. Many now understand the need for an awakening to a new consciousness. At This Spaceship Earth we call this new consciousness “crew consciousness”. That is thinking and […]


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Parts of Spaceship Earth are Becoming Uninsurable

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager


The rate of climate change surged alarmingly over the past decade, posing a ‘code red’ emergency for the world and the insurance industry.   $122 billion total insured losses worldwide from weather-related natural catastrophes in 2023. (Swiss RE)   250% rise in economic losses over the past three decades due to climate change. (Capgemini)   […]


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Corporations can help address e-waste, but the culture must change first

Shannon Mahaffey - COO, Origina


How can we change a corporate IT culture that encourages B2B buyers to solve every problem with a new purchase instead of improving or simply maintaining the software or hardware they’ve already invested in?   Chief technology officers are faced with a difficult dilemma worldwide. They understand and acknowledge the environmental damage caused by filling […]


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An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

David Houle - Futurist


In this century, there has been a developing conversation about the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy. It is long past time for humanity to dramatically reduce our reliance on fossil fuels… yet we have not done so.   There are many reasons why this is taking much longer than it could or should […]


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Climate Models Did Not Predict This

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager


Gavin Schmidt is a climate modeler at NASA. Climate modeling takes in all of the climate data (climate is an extremely complex and highly interconnected system) from thousands of sensors on the land at different altitudes, and in the oceans at different depths, around the world and uses software to run models of what we […]


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Your Carbon Footprint is Just the First Step

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager


A standard tool to help individuals assess their contribution to climate change is a carbon footprint calculator. Hundreds of these calculators are available online, enabling you to input details like whether or not you wash your clothes in cold water, how often you eat beef, and what type of transportation you use to commute to work. […]


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Extreme Heat

Roy Wysnewski - Meteorologist


Editorial Note: As this crew commentary is being posted, several countries in the Northern Hemisphere are experiencing extreme cold and snow storms. Extreme weather events are becoming more severe and more frequent. In many ways, Florida is the canary in the coal mine when it comes to our climate crisis. We can learn from their […]


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What to look for in 2024 regarding our accelerating Climate Crisis

David Houle - Futurist


We at This Spaceship Earth have long thought that two things are critical for humanity to slow and then stabilize global warming: actions and a deep sense of urgency. We are not accomplishing enough… and certainly not with the urgency required. Urgent action is needed. Is our species up to this reality?     What […]


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The Horror of COP28

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager | David Houle - Futurist


Last Commentary we wrote about the hypocrisy and failure of the COP28 conference in Dubai, which ended last week. This column is about the absolute horror of this failure from a historical perspective and the failure of all 28 annual COPs.   28 annual conferences focused on global warming and the CO2 emissions that have […]


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