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Climate change is like a pebble rolling down a mountain

POSTED: Tim Rumage - Planetary Ethicist 04.15.2016 no comments


Climate Change is an ecological, social and economic destabilizer and disruptor of historic and epic proportions. Historic because the changes it brings will cause the old ways, old assumptions and perceived heritage of a place and community to disappear through loss of functionality. Epic because it eventually impacts all communities and habitats everywhere.   In […]


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Physics is Not Political

POSTED: Tim Rumage - Planetary Ethicist 03.17.2016 no comments


Physics is not political, it simply is. The Planet is a dynamic entity, not a static one. It responds to all the stimuli it is given.   The longer the air temperature is above 32oF (0oC), the more ice will melt. The higher the air temperature is above 32oF (0oC), the more ice will melt. […]


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Why Crew Consciousness?

POSTED: David Houle - Futurist 01.18.2016 no comments


Some 40 years ago, shortly after publishing his book “Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth”, R. Buckminster Fuller wrote a book called “Utopia or Oblivion”. Fuller suggested that in a few decades – meaning now- humanity would approach a fork in the road: utopia or oblivion. Would humanity be proactive and face the true reality of letting go of the past ways of behavior and energy use and seek a higher level of living and consciousness, or would we blindly travel down a destructive path for Spaceship Earth, continuing with no operating manual or awareness of actually living on a planetary spaceship.


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