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Growth Economies and Our Climate Crisis

POSTED: Bob Leonard 09.24.2019 no comments


As I write this, Greta Thunberg is addressing the United Nations. Her comment is the perfect intro to this post. “Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are at the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you!”   ‘Fairy tales of […]


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Climate Change is Speeding Up the Future

POSTED: Sean Munger 09.16.2019 no comments


The effects of climate change are moving ever faster. It’s now a cliché, almost a punch line, to observe that the one thing no climate scientist has ever said is, “Gee, that took longer to happen than I thought it would.” Daily we encounter new reports of warming accelerating, more greenhouse gases accumulating, ice-melt increasing […]


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Sufficiency: Enough is Enough

POSTED: Bob Leonard 09.10.2019 no comments


Our society lives in an Extract/Make/Sell… Buy/Use/Discard paradigm. 70% of U.S GDP is consumer-driven. This results in a dreadful amount of waste, and we are using up the planet’s resources faster than it can regenerate them.     Unsurprisingly, we are drowning in stuff. Despite the average home doubling in size over the past generation […]


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Accounting for Natural Capital

POSTED: Bob Leonard 09.03.2019 no comments


  I make an effort to buy green. Not only because I want to use nature-friendly products, but because I felt I was voting with my dollars… that my purchases were influencing the manufacturers. I’ve learned that it isn’t as simple as that. The problem is that most of those products still support our linear, […]


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Massive Opportunity on the Horizon

POSTED: Bob Leonard 08.27.2019 no comments


  I’m sensing a pattern… not quite a zeitgeist, but I think it’s heading in that direction. Everything that’s happening now… with the climate, and income inequality, and rising authoritarian populism and all the rest; I think it’s a call to action. I think we are being given an opportunity. An opportunity to step up […]


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Happy 50th Anniversary, Earthrise!

POSTED: Tim Rumage - Planetary Ethicist 12.27.2018 no comments


  photo: William Anders, Apollo 8, December 24, 1968 Apollo 8 crew: Frank Borman, James Lovell, William Anders   There are three NASA photographs that seem central in shaping and reshaping our consciousness, philosophy and reality regarding our interactions with each other, with other species, and with the planet as well as our role in […]


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Overcoming Climate Change Can Put Us on the Road to a Whole New (Better) Life

POSTED: Bob Leonard 07.07.2018 no comments


First off, let me get something straight. We don’t need to save the planet. Planet Earth will be fine. It has been around for 4.5 billion years, and it will survive for billions more. To put things in perspective, humans have existed for 200,000 years. That’s 0.00004 percent of the total life of the planet. […]


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Urgency and Action: Reversing Global Warming

POSTED: William "Coty" Keller 05.16.2018 no comments


Florida Veterans for Common Sense 2018 Climate Change Report   Executive Summary   The members of Florida Veterans for Common Sense are committed to creating a stable climate. This report provides our vision of the problem and solutions, together with concrete and practical actions that citizens can take.     Global warming is real, it’s […]


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The Environment is Crucial to Economic Health

POSTED: Tim Rumage - Planetary Ethicist 02.04.2018 no comments


The days of the ‘economy vs. environment’ fight are over, and really have been for several years. How do I know this? Because the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland tells me so. Since 2011 environmental factors have been in the top 5 global risks in both likelihood and impact. This year, environmental factors dominate […]


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Babcock Ranch: Effects of Sustainable Food Production

POSTED: Janet Lewis 01.03.2018 no comments


  Janet Lewis holds a PhD in Plant Breeding and Genetics from Michigan State University and a B.S. in Botany from The University of Michigan. She conducted postdoctoral research at The University of Minnesota and the International Center for Wheat and Maize Improvement (CIMMYT). From 2007-2011 she led the Wheat Breeding and Genetics program at […]


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