Crew Commentary

“The Era of Climate Change is Over. The Era of Global Boiling Has Arrived.”

David Houle - Futurist


The Director General of the United Nations made this statement a week ago. He is right, we have now entered the era of global boiling. June was the all-time hottest month in human history, and July just beat it. The two hottest months in measured history have been the last two months.


Why? Well, take a look at the first few seconds of this clip. What do you see? A largely empty theater. Yup, for one of the most horrific developments of all time the theater is empty.




Another reason that we have entered the “boiling era” is this reporting. The Republican Party is developing a well-funded campaign, for whomever is the next GOP President, to shut down US efforts to address our climate crisis and transition to a clean energy economy.


It’s an insane position to take. We just experienced the two hottest months since humans evolved on Spaceship Earth and the GOP is preparing to dismantle climate initiatives. How can one of the two major political parties in the United States be so anti-life and anti-reality?


Well, this is one of the reasons… record oil profits.



This obviously translates into record oil company expenditures for lobbyists who fund Republican politicians to maintain pro-fossil fuels legislation.


In past crew commentaries, we have espoused the position that you vote with your dollars in the marketplace, and that you pay attention to the policy decisions of the politicians you vote for. We here at TSE do not support or contribute to any political party or PACs. But we want to keep you informed as to who is responsible for what, who is honest about facing our climate crisis… and who isn’t.


The two top candidates for President in the Republican party have said this:


“Global warming is a hoax.” – Donald Trump


“Climate change is left-wing stuff.” – Ron DeSantis


Did the severe weather news from around the world over the past few months look or feel like global warming is a hoax?


Our climate and the science of physics are not partisan. They are neither conservative nor liberal, Republican nor Democrat, right-wing nor left-wing.


Global Boiling is not political. Global Boiling is a signpost for the sixth extinction event. Here’s what Greta Thunberg has to say about corporations and politicians.


As a crew member of Spaceship Earth, it is extremely important that you vote your position, you vote your commitment. As a crew member it is imperative that you vote out any politician who does not wholly support all efforts to move to clean energy.


Ask every politician what their position is on global warming / climate change / global boiling. If they are not fully for moving off fossil fuels, make sure they know you will not vote for them.