Corporate Support

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Origina, the global leader in IBM third-party software maintenance, and This Spaceship Earth, an environmental nonprofit established to address our climate crisis, have formed an alliance to confront the escalating e-waste issue that threatens our planet.


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Lead Corporate Supporter


We are thrilled to have Origina as our lead corporate supporter. They have demonstrated by word and deed that they are serious about reducing e-waste and tackling our climate crisis. Initially we will work together to focus on reducing e-waste. Eventually we will partner to promote a circular economy throughout Spaceship Earth. You can read more about e-waste and the right-to-repair in this crew commentary.


Please visit Origina to learn more about our partnership here.

This Spaceship Earth was launched to recruit a billion active crew members. To that end, we are focusing on corporations that have stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, partners) who we can educate to become climate literate. We have learned that once people understand what is going on, and that they can help and be part of the solution, they step up and become active, creative and motivated crew members.


If you are an individual, or have a non-profit through which you make donations, please go to this page to learn more.