Acting as Crew

“What can I do?” is an often asked question for people wanting to act as crew members of TSE. Here we will continually post suggestions for small to large actions you can take to be crew members. Given that we are all, to some degree, locked into the Carbon Combustion Complex social and economic landscape, it is close to impossible to act totally as a crew member. However, we can and must all take some action as crew members. Look around for actions to start with or that align with your abilities and situations. Time to act as a crew member of TSE!


  1. Be more curious. Read labels, ask questions about where products came from. Ask your favorite take-out place why they are not using recycled or biodegradable containers. Imply your continuing business depends on them changing. Whatever question you do not know the answer to, ask!
  2. The 2% solution. Look at your monthly energy bill. Commit to reducing it by 2% next month. Feel if that was painful. If not reduce another two percent each month until you truly are in discomfort. Then reflect on your pain versus other crew members and a stressed planet.
  3. Eat less meat. Reduce your meat consumption as much as possible. Agriculture, particularly raising cattle, creates more greenhouse emissions that all forms of transportation. Start with a 25% reduction this week and move up from there. Better for you health as well as the health of the planet
  4. Take a bag when you go shopping. The choice between paper and plastic is between two bad environmental choices. Bring your own bag for any shopping you do. Please note that we have a very cool one on the Crew Gear page.
  5. Reduce your use of plastics. As much as possible as soon as possible. The ultimate goal is to get to 0. Always carry a bottle with you. Recycle all plastic. Take it to the extreme and bring your own containers to the store and leave the plastic at the store. If tens of thousands of crew members did that the message would go up the supply chain. Many people pick up plastic to recycle on their daily walks. This is great yet simple crew activity.
  6. Reduce your waste – Measure your waste/garbage for one week. Then reduce it the following week. Continue. Remember, when your waste is taken away it still remains on Spaceship Earth, just out of view.
  7. Reduce your use of water. Look at your monthly water bill. Reduce it 2-5% a month for as many months in a row that you can. Get everyone living with you involved.
  8. Get rid of your lawn. Lawns use up an insane amount of water [see #7]. Plant native plants and wildflowers that attract butterflies and pollinators. A lot less work as well. And a lot less C02 emissions from lawnmowers.
  9. Plant a tree. Or two or three or four. Or give money to a group that will. Trees absorb CO2.
  10. Buy less stuff. Do you really need this new sweater, gadget, pair of shoes, shiny new object, fashion accessory or piece of furniture? Shop with awareness not motivated by advertising or fashion. New stuff uses resources.
  11. Buy Used or Second Hand. As much as possible buy used or second hand [See #10] Create your own fashion. Be creative. Give your old stuff to stores so someone else can use it. Trade.
  12. Buy Slow Fashion. Fast fashion has been created to induce consumers to buy apparel more frequently, a drain on resources. Buy something of high quality that you like and that will last a long time. Fewer, higher quality articles of clothing. What is the actual number of articles of clothing do you need or do you actually wear? Then reduce that number.
  13. Get Into Gardening. Grow vegetables and herbs. Do at your own pace and comfort.
  14. Drive Less and More Consciously. If you drive a vehicle with an internal combustion engine – and more than 98% of us do- drive less. Measure how many miles you drive in a month and commit to lowering that number. Combine trips with other family members. Combine all your chores in one trip and be direct in your route. Walk more. Bike more. Take public transportation. If in a city, use a ride sharing service such as Uber instead of owning a car.
  15. Compost yard and food waste. A true recycling of biological waste. Uneaten food can be used to help create new, fresh fruits and vegetables.
  16. Ask any politician you meet what their stance is on Climate Change. Let them know your vote is completely conditional on their answer. If they say they don’t know, give them one of the copies of “This Spaceship Earth” you have downloaded from this site and tell them to read it! DO NOT give money to or vote for any politician that does not openly state that they feel Climate Change is a real and present danger.