All donations go toward creating crew consciousness on This Spaceship Earth.

This Spaceship Earth is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Donations are used to build awareness and to develop the will worldwide to tackle the greatest threat mankind has ever faced. Together we can do it! Help us recruit 1 billion crew members.


All donations are fully tax deductible. Scroll down to donate.


By supporting This Spaceship Earth, you help us spread crew consciousness through:


  • the dissemination of free copies of “This Spaceship Earth”, our first goal being 10,000 books* 
  • more free speeches from the TSE founders
  • collaboration and cohesion with other green groups
  • creation and support of Crew art projects and events
  • providing Crew Gear and support to high school and college chapters


Any level donation helps all these goals. Thank you!



Donation Levels

*When you make a donation of any amount, you will receive a confirmation email with a promotional code that will allow you to download 1 eBook copy of “This Spaceship Earth” per $5 donated. We feel that providing this short book is the first step to shifting to a crew consciousness. For example a $1,000 donation will provide you with 200 eBooks, allow you to get a copy for yourself and to then provide the code for another 199 people. Post the code on social media, send out via email, provide to your employees, customers and friends.

$10 Donation

  • 2 eBook downloads

$25 Donation

  • 5 eBook downloads

$50 Donation

  • 10 eBook downloads

$100 Donation

  • 20 eBook downloads

$250 Donation

  • 50 eBook downloads

$500 Donation

  • 100 eBook downloads

$1,000 Donation

  • 200 eBook downloads

Greater than $1,000

If you would like to make a larger donation, become a Founding Donor, or want to discuss becoming a Corporate Crew Donor, please contact us. Thank you!


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