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“The Quartermaster’s Report / Volume 3” is Now Available! Free!

David Houle - Futurist


This Spaceship Earth has published “The Quartermaster’s Report – Volume 3”. It is available for free download on our website. Here is the direct link to choose between an EPUB or PDF format:  https://thisspaceshipearth.org/climate-change/quartermasters-reports/   



In the golden era of sea exploration and empire building, the Quartermaster was the officer on a ship who kept an accurate inventory of all resources and supplies on board at any given time.


We published the first Quartermaster’s Report in 2015, in Chapter 2 of the book “This Spaceship Earth” by Tim Rumage and me. The second Quartermaster’s Report was researched and published last year within the eBook, “Now That You Know” (available for free download on our site), co-authored by Tim, Bob Leonard and I.


We were so alarmed by the huge changes between the first and the second Quartermaster’s Report [QMR] that we made the decision to produce the QMR twice a year, in April and October as a global public service. Think of This Spaceship Earth (the non-profit) as providing a semi-annual update of the status of our only home.


The three partners of TSE: Bob Leonard, Tim Rumage and David Houle have expended a lot of time and effort to research and document several hundred data points pertaining to our climate crisis. 


This Spaceship Earth wants to provide anyone in the world with a semi-annual report card on Spaceship Earth. A comprehensive document that is the factual truth of the status of the planet. Our hope is that, by reviewing this report every six months, readers will come to understand how dire our situation is, and that it is rapidly getting worse. And that we all must become active crew members on Spaceship Earth.


“Not Passively Reversible” means that the trend can only be reversed through active engagement and continuous commitment to improve and repair the system.


Here is the third version of our “Not Passively Reversible” list:


  • Air Quality in decline, not passively reversible
  • Availability of Safe, Potable Water in decline, not passively reversible
  • Average Global Temperature increasing, not passively reversible
  • Commercial Fish Stocks in decline, not passively reversible
  • Extreme Weather Events increasing, not passively reversible
  • Forced Displacement of people increasing, not passively reversible
  • Global Demand for Energy increasing, not passively reversible
  • Greenhouse Gas Emission increasing, not passively reversible
  • Habitat Quantity, Quality and Diversity in decline, not passively reversible
  • Human Population increasing (estimated to be 9.7 billion in 2050 and 10.4 billion in 2100)
  • Life Support system TSE in decline, not passively reversible
  • Loss of Biodiversity and Bio-abundance increasing, not passively reversible
  • Population of assessed Plant Species in decline, not passively reversible
  • Population of Non-human Vertebrate Species in decline, not passively reversible
  • Rate of Species Loss increasing, not passively reversible
  • Sea Level Rise and Rate increasing, not passively reversible
  • Waste Generation increasing, not passively reversible


None of these trend lines have changed direction since the original 2015 QMR. They are all going in the wrong direction… and they are accelerating.


Please click this link to download your FREE copy of “The Quartermaster’s Report – Volume 3”.


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