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Insurer Liquidated by CA Wildfires – Unable to Pay Claims

Posted: 12.11.2018 no comments


California’s Camp Fire didn’t just kill dozens of people and destroy thousands of homes. It also left an insurance company in financial ruins, unable to pay millions of dollars to policyholders. A state judge ruled that Merced Property & Casualty Co. can’t meet its obligations after last month’s Camp Fire, the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history. […]


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China’s Belt and Road Initiative is Poised to Transform the Clean Energy Industry

Posted: 12.09.2018 no comments


Even as the Trump administration has introduced policies to undermine U.S. renewables, China is making a long term pivot that will transform its expansive energy infrastructure. The largest infrastructure project in history, BRI includes a vast economic “belt” made up of six overland corridors and a new “Maritime Silk Road” linking a chain of seaports […]


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Cal Polytech Students Prototype CO2 “Sponge”

Posted: 12.06.2018 no comments


The team, called CO2 extrACTION, is working to combat climate change through a device that extracts carbon dioxide from the air. Since Winter 2017, they have been working to create a carbon dioxide extraction panel to reduce greenhouse gases and mitigate climate change. The product is now in the prototyping phase, with the goal of an […]


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US Military is Proving No Need for Coal Grid Security

Posted: 12.05.2018 no comments


Over the last two years, President Donald Trump has made every effort to rescue America’s ailing coal industry, opening public lands to mining, weakening limits on pollution and potentially eliminating protections for miners. It hasn’t worked. Utilities continue to shutter coal-fired power plants, and mining firms continue to shed workers.   Read the entire article […]


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Cities Leading the Transition to Renewables

Posted: 12.03.2018 no comments


More than 100 cities worldwide get at least 70 percent of their electricity from renewable sources. What can we learn from them?   Read the entire article at DW.   Cities are responsible for 70 percent of man made CO2 emissions, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency. Cars, heating, cooling and lighting systems work round […]


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Cities Seek Technology to Adapt for Climate Change Risks and Challenges

Posted: 11.27.2018 no comments


As 1.4 million people move to cities each week, local abilities to keep residents safe can become strained, increasing the risk of disasters, warned the United Nations secretary-general. “The answer is to build resilience to storms, floods, earthquakes, fires, pandemics and economic crises,” said Antonio Guterres in a message for World Cities Day.   Read the […]


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New Florida Neighborhood has Zero Emissions, Embedded Tech and is Hurricane-Proof

Posted: 11.25.2018 no comments


In a fishing village south of Tampa called Cortez, a new community of small homes will run on solar power to reach a “net zero” energy footprint – using Google Home to help optimize how the power is used.   Read the entire article at Fast Company.    “It’s going to be a grid-interactive, grid-optimized virtual […]


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GM Breaks with Trump Administration in Electric Vehicle Proposal

Posted: 11.23.2018 no comments


General Motors, facing the imminent expiration of its U.S. tax credits for electric vehicles, is now pushing for a federal mandate to keep the momentum going. In a defiant response to the Trump administration’s proposal to freeze fuel economy and emissions standards, GM outlined its own proposal for a national zero-emission vehicle program, modeled on the […]


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Debunking Climate Change Myths Around Your Thanksgiving Table

Posted: 11.21.2018 no comments


Despite the unmistakable evidence that climate change is happening, and that the effects we’re already experiencing are mostly caused by our own actions, it’s not uncommon to meet deniers around your family’s holiday table. Here are some of the common myths and errors you hear at family gatherings, and some short answers from state-of-the-science reports […]


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Crab Fishers Sue Fossil Fuel Industry Over Climate Change Damage

Posted: 11.18.2018 no comments


Crab fishing on the West Coast has become so threatened by warming oceans that a coalition of commercial fishers has now joined the climate litigation fray with a lawsuit filed to hold 30 fossil fuel companies accountable for losses caused by climate change.   Read the entire article at Inside Climate News.    The lawsuit, filed […]


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