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Bank Regulators Present a Dire Warning of Financial Risks from Climate Change

Posted: 11.14.2019 no comments


Home values could fall significantly. Banks could stop lending to flood-prone communities. Towns could lose the tax money they need to build sea walls and other protections.   These are a few of the warnings published by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco regarding the financial risks of climate change. The collection of 18 papers by […]


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Central Banks Must Address the Climate Crisis

Posted: 11.06.2019 no comments


Read the entire article at The Financial Times.    Climate change is a financial problem. Insurers stand to lose billions from wildfires raging in California. Banks will suffer as mortgages in big port cities such as London and New York end up under water. Carbon taxes and renewable energy could make oil and gas assets worthless. […]


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The big polluters’ masterstroke was to blame the climate crisis on you and me

Posted: 10.31.2019 no comments


Editor’s Note: This is an excellent job of reporting by George Monbiot that appears in full in The Guardian. It validates our premise in “Moving to a Finite Earth Economy” that our current form of capitalism, plus our consumer society, are the root causes of our climate crisis. And that until we make a drastic […]


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Seeing Humanity as Part of Nature is Key to Fixing Our Climate Crisis

Posted: 10.24.2019 no comments


To truly bring ourselves into harmony with the natural world, we must return to seeing humanity as part of it. Though a varied and complex story, the widespread separation of humans from nature in Western culture can be traced to a few key historical developments, starting with the rise of Judeo-Christian values 2000 years ago. Prior […]


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Financial Institutions Must Account for the Value of Natural Capital

Posted: 10.17.2019 no comments


Degradation of natural capital through human activity has brought us to a tipping point. The risks are multiple and varied, from precipitous declines in economic growth to the uncertain future of our species. All sectors of society are being called on to go ‘beyond carbon’ and reduce their negative impact on the natural environment, finding […]


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Tesla Files Patents for Million Mile Battery

Posted: 10.10.2019 no comments


Editor’s Note: In “Moving to a Finite Earth Economy” we discuss a broad spectrum of technologies (existing and in development) that will be necessary to reduce and eliminate (and drawdown) GHG emissions. Energy storage is one of the most important, so this announcement by Tesla is a major breakthrough… a game changer.   Tesla has […]


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Agriculture + Tech = Carbon Sequestration Solution

Posted: 10.03.2019 no comments


Editor’s Note: This is exactly the kind of industrial evolution we describe in “Moving to a Finite Earth Economy”. In this instance, it’s the agriculture industry. This tech firm not only provides the technology to quickly and efficiently transform today’s factory farms from CO2 emitters to CO2 absorbers, they provide a way for farmers to easily […]


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Money Fuels Our Climate Crisis

Posted: 09.26.2019 no comments


Editor’s Note: Bill McKibben, climatologist and environmental activist, writes that recycling is good, but if we really want to address the climate emergency soon enough to avoid disaster, banks, insurance companies, pension funds, etc. should divest from fossil fuel companies.   Climate change is a timed test, one of the first that our civilization has […]


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A New Era for Climate Reporting

Posted: 09.19.2019 no comments


Editor’s Note: Part of the problem with climate denial has been that the crisis has been under-reported in the mass media. Another byproduct of our economic system – news outlets learned that climate reporting was bad for ratings, and low ratings mean low profits. Finally, the tide is turning as people see the effects of […]


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Bill McDonough Says CEOs Need to Lead on Climate

Posted: 09.12.2019 no comments


Editor’s Note: The following article is an interview by Fortune magazine with Bill McDonough. In Moving to a Finite Earth Economy, we discuss and embrace McDonough’s Cradle to Cradle design principles. A Finite Earth Economy, as described in our book, automatically programs corporations to make decisions that prioritize the environment. Here’s an excerpt:   “Mother […]


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