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Carbon Footprint of Household Energy Use in the US

Posted: 07.23.2020 no comments


This study uses data on ∼93 million individual homes to perform the most comprehensive study of greenhouse gases from residential energy use in the United States. We provide nationwide rankings of carbon intensity of homes in states and ZIP codes and offer correlations between affluence, floor space, and emissions. Scenarios demonstrate this sector cannot achieve […]


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Scientists Attribute Record-Shattering Siberian Heat and Wildfires to Climate Change

Posted: 07.16.2020 no comments


Siberia’s scorching, 100-degree temperature record made headlines in late June, but it was just the latest spike in a decade of historic heat waves across the Arctic that also set records for wildfires, thawing permafrost and melting sea ice. Such extremes, scientists said, show that Arctic warming is accelerating to outpace all but the most […]


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Scariest Thing About Global Warming: Shifting Baselines

Posted: 07.08.2020 no comments


When the impacts get really bad, people will act. Maybe it will be an especially destructive hurricane, heat wave, or flood. Maybe it will be multiple disasters at once. But at some point, the severity of the problem will become self-evident, sweeping away any remaining doubt or hesitation and prompting a wave of action.     […]


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Congressional Climate Crisis Action Plan

Posted: 07.02.2020 no comments


In this report, the majority staff for the select Committee lays out a framework for comprehensive congressional action to satisfy the scientific imperative to reduce carbon pollution as quickly and aggressively as possible, make communities more resilient to the impacts of climate change, and build a durable and equitable clean energy economy.     The […]


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BlackRock Votes Against Volvo Chief on Lack of Climate Risk Disclosure

Posted: 06.23.2020 no comments


BlackRock voted last week to oust the chief of Swedish manufacturing giant AB Volvo, citing his role in the company’s perceived failure to adequately disclose its climate risks.     The world’s largest asset manager, which promised at the start of the year to make sustainability a cornerstone of all investment activity, said that it […]


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Climate crisis: record-breaking heatwave in Siberia

Posted: 06.18.2020 no comments


Originally published in The Guardian.    A prolonged heatwave in Siberia is “undoubtedly alarming”, climate scientists have said. The freak temperatures have been linked to wildfires, a huge oil spill and a plague of tree-eating moths.     On a global scale, the Siberian heat is helping push the world towards its hottest year on record in 2020, […]


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On This Spaceship Earth, We Are All Crew

Posted: 06.10.2020 no comments


By Steve Schaefer, Climate Reality, SF Bay Area Chapter   A week ago, Tim Rumage, a planetary ethicist and naturalist and co-founder of This Spaceship Earth, spoke to an attentive online audience from Climate Reality Bay Area Chapter about Climate Change and how we are all complicit in it. He made a point of stressing […]


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Green Beach Sand – the latest geohack for our climate crisis

Posted: 06.03.2020 no comments


On a beach in the Caribbean, a nonprofit called Project Vesta will soon begin testing a radical new way to fight climate change that involves spreading ground-up olivine—a cheap green mineral—over the sand, where ocean waves will break down the mineral, which in turn will pull CO2 from the air. “Our vision is to help reverse […]


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How to Realign Utility Profit Incentives to Support Decarbonization

Posted: 05.25.2020 no comments


To achieve our climate goals, we’ll need to clean up the power grid while also shifting whole sectors of the economy from dirty fuels to electricity. That two-pronged approach is central to every serious study of decarbonization. A starting place is utilities. To decarbonize, policymakers will need to  fundamentally change how utilities make money. Today, […]


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Google Renounces the Oil and Gas Sector

Posted: 05.20.2020 no comments


Google is generally considered one of the most environmentally conscious large-scale enterprises in the world today, having remained carbon neutral since 2007. However, following a damning Greenpeace report that details how the three big tech companies (Google, Microsoft and Amazon) aid oil and gas exploration by providing tailored AI and cloud solutions, Google has upped […]


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