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International Court Ruling: Safe Climate a Human Right

Posted: 02.16.2018 no comments


The Inter-American Court of Human Rights has issued a landmark opinion that equates environmental protection with human rights, a conclusion that could force countries in Latin American and beyond to tackle climate change more aggressively. The advisory opinion represents the first time the Inter-American Court has recognized a fundamental right to a healthy environment, a concept […]


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Urban Farming Is the Future of Agriculture

Posted: 02.14.2018 no comments


As urban populations grow, more people find themselves in food deserts, areas with “limited access to supermarkets, grocery stores, or other sources of healthy and affordable food,” according to a report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. New technologies are changing the equation, allowing people to grow food in places where it was previously difficult or […]


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Resilient Design Saves $6 for Every $1 Spent

Posted: 02.12.2018 no comments


A National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) study determined that every federal dollar spent on disaster resiliency and mitigation can save the U.S. an average of six dollars on disaster recovery.   Read the entire article at CITYLAB.    NIBS studied mitigation measures such as demolishing flood-prone homes; using hurricane shutters and other wind-resistant strategies; shoring up building […]


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Sustainable “Sand Dune” Emerges from the Desert

Posted: 02.09.2018 no comments


Located in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, Bee’ah headquarters’ dune-like design is both inspired by, and intended to blend in with, the local desert landscape. It will serve a Middle East environmental waste management company and is slated for LEED Platinum (a green building standard) certification.   Read the entire article at New Atlas.    Recycled building […]


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New Sustainable Supply Chain Map Targets Major Chinese Manufacturers

Posted: 02.07.2018 no comments


How can consumers determine the real sustainability successes of their favorite brands? That’s the perennial question for many Western shoppers these days, who often want to know whether the items and the brands they support are really as environmentally and socially benign as companies say.   Read the entire article at Triple Pundit.   A variety […]


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Five Renewable Energy Trends to Watch in 2018

Posted: 02.05.2018 no comments


Falling costs, Chinese dominance and competition in battery technology are some of the main developments to monitor in 2018.   Read the entire article at Rethinking Business with ING.   Renewable energy costs will continue to fall Solar prices have dropped by around 62% since 2009, while offshore wind costs have also halved in recent years, […]


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Renewables Cheaper than Fossil Fuels by 2020

Posted: 02.02.2018 no comments


The cost of renewable energy is now falling so fast that it should be a consistently cheaper source of electricity generation than traditional fossil fuels within just a few years, according to a new report from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).   Read the entire article at Forbes.   The organisation – which has more […]


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Emerging Risks: what are the main risks for 2025?

Posted: 01.31.2018 no comments


AXA is one of the largest global insurers with over 100 million customers and 165,000 employees in 64 countries. Preparing for tomorrow’s risks means reflecting and taking actions on them today. That is why AXA surveys employees worldwide every year to identify the most important emerging risks for the next five to 10 years.   […]


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100 Year Old Pacifist Fought Hitler, Marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Now Advocates Full Mobilization Against Climate Change

Posted: 01.29.2018 no comments


On Sunday, January 28 there was a small birthday celebration for Bernard Englander. A century ago, when Bernard was born, climate change was not an issue, and sea level was essentially stable.   Read the entire article at John Englander.   Bernard Englander was a pacifist and had been given “conscientious objector” status before World War […]


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The Global Risks Report 2018

Posted: 01.26.2018 no comments


Each year the Global Risks Report works with experts and decision-makers across the world to identify and analyze the most pressing risks that we face. As the pace of change accelerates, and as risk interconnections deepen, this year’s report highlights the growing strain we are placing on many of the global systems we rely on. […]


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