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What Climate Change Means for the Future of Coffee

Posted: 05.14.2020 no comments


Despite the abundance of specialty beans available today — familiar coffees include Arabica from Ethiopia, Colombia, Guatemala, and beyond — experts agree the coffee landscape is fundamentally changing. Climate change threatens an existential disruption to the coffee industry with a veritable list of end-times plagues: heat, drought, floods, pests, and disease. As existing coffee breeds struggle […]


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Sweden Closes Last Coal-Fired Power Plant Two Years Ahead of Schedule

Posted: 04.29.2020 no comments


Sweden becomes the third European country to exit coal completely after Belgium closed its last coal power station in 2016, and Austria ended its final coal-fired energy operations earlier this month.   The plant at Värtaverket, in Hjorthagen in eastern Stockholm is owned by Stockholm Exergi, a company part owned by the City of Stockholm and which […]


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Mayors Call for a Green Post-COVID Recovery Plan

Posted: 04.22.2020 no comments


Today is the 50th annual Earth Day, but a very different one than we’ve ever had, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. So when Mayors Darrell Steinberg of Sacramento and Christopher Cabaldon of West Sacramento issued a draft report of their Commission on Climate Change, they made clear that the crisis is also an opportunity. […]


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Wildlife Collapse From Climate Change Is Predicted to Hit Suddenly and Sooner

Posted: 04.15.2020 no comments


Climate change could result in a more abrupt collapse of many animal species than previously thought, starting in the next decade if greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced, according to a study published this month in Nature.   The study predicted that large swaths of ecosystems would falter in waves, creating sudden die-offs that would be catastrophic […]


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COVID-19 Short-term Probabilities and Long-Term Possibilities

Posted: 03.25.2020 no comments


Short-Term Probabilities   Now through the end of March is a critical time for the U.S. Currently we are on the trajectory of Italy, the country worst hit by the virus. Given that they are ahead of us with their timeline, it is this week that we will see if the U.S. will continue down […]


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A Propulsion System for a 186-seat Electric Aircraft

Posted: 03.18.2020 no comments


So far, e-planes can carry only a few people on board. Now, the easyJet airline has started working with California startup Wright Electric to develop an engine for a 186-seat electric aircraft called Wright 1. From 2030, the first flights will already be available, and 186 passengers can be transported with zero emissions.     Wright […]


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Mercedes-Benz Frees Up Cash to Build Electric and Autonomous Vehicles

Posted: 03.11.2020 no comments


Mercedes-Benz is embarking on a sweeping cost cutting plan to free up cash to build electric and self-driving cars, a step which could see entire engine families and platforms eliminated, Daimler board member Markus Schaefer said on Tuesday. “We will review our current lineup and the idea is streamlining the portfolio,” Schaefer said in a conference […]


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View “A Leap Year Look at Climate Change”

Posted: 03.04.2020 no comments


by David Houle   Last week I wrote about the climate change conference that The Sarasota Institute – A 21st Century Think Tank  was presenting. Called “A Leap Year Look at Climate Change” it was unique in the sense that in the morning was the 2020 updated reality of what the climate crisis now looks like. […]


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A Drop of Water Lights Up 100 LED Bulbs

Posted: 02.26.2020 no comments


A research team led by scientists from City University of Hong Kong (CityU) has recently developed a new form of droplet-based electricity generator (DEG). It features a field-effect transistor (FET)-like structure that allows for high energy-conversion efficiency, and its instantaneous power density is increased by thousands of times compared to its counterparts without FET-like structure. This […]


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Massive Economic Losses from Nature Destruction and Massive Economic Gains from Nature Restoration

Posted: 02.19.2020 no comments


A landmark study by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) titled Global Futures has used cutting-edge modelling to explore the global economic impacts of natural capital depletion, and shows how any chance of resilient economic growth on the planet is tied to the restoration of natural resources.     It warns of potential risks to the world’s future economic […]


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