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ClimateFortnite: climate scientists playing Fortnite on Twitch

Posted: 11.16.2018 no comments


ClimateFortnite is a channel full of climate scientists who discuss issues of global warming while playing Fortnite on Twitch, hoping the platform’s massive reach will get their message in front of more eyeballs. And according to Henri Drake, a graduate student in climate science at MIT, it specifically gets climate change in front of the […]


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Tech Startups Focusing on Sea Level Rise Adaptation

Posted: 11.12.2018 no comments


For a long time, coastal resilience was about building sea walls, elevating homes and renourishing beaches to protect people and property against storm surge. Then came satellites, the cloud and a new generation of tech entrepreneurs with bold ideas for tackling a new and urgent challenge: rapidly rising sea levels and increasingly destructive storms. By using […]


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Key Races Across US Reveal Climate Action is a Winning Issue

Posted: 11.08.2018 no comments


Candidates who embraced policies to fight climate change and expand clean energy won the favor of voters in the 2018 mid-terms. In 2016, Rep. Peter Roskam (R-IL), a climate science denier, won reelection by nearly 20 points. Election Night 2018 was a different story, however. Roskam was easily defeated by Democrat Sean Casten — a clean […]


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Billionaires Chase Holy Grail of Energy

Posted: 11.06.2018 no comments


Not long before he died, tech visionary Paul Allen traveled to the south of France for a personal tour of a 35-country quest to replicate the workings of the Sun. The goal is to one day produce clean, almost limitless energy by fusing atoms together rather than splitting them apart. The Microsoft Corp. co-founder said he […]


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Why is the US Government So Afraid of the Kids’ Climate Case?

Posted: 11.01.2018 no comments


Although their case remains on hold while the Supreme Court reviews a last-ditch, extraordinary motion by the Trump Administration, the 21 young plaintiffs in the landmark climate suit Juliana v. United States have already taken climate litigation into previously uncharted territory.   Read the entire article at Climate Liability News.    The plaintiffs, who come from […]


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A Conversation with Katharine Hayhoe – Climate Scientist and Evangelical Christian

Posted: 10.28.2018 no comments


Katharine Hayhoe is a climate scientist, professor in the Department of Political Science and director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech University. She is also an award-winning climate communicator and has been named one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People, Foreign Policy’s 100 Leading Global Thinkers, and an American Geophysical Union’s Climate Communication […]


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Shifting Attitudes to Win the Global Climate Battle

Posted: 10.25.2018 no comments


We are in a race against time. We are making dramatic progress in decarbonizing our economies, but dangerous climate impacts are also coming at us faster than predicted. We need concerted action now, in all major economies, to accelerate the transformation of a world that currently relies on fossil fuels for more than 80 percent […]


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George R.R. Martin reveals the climate change lesson from Game of Thrones

Posted: 10.24.2018 no comments


“Climate change should be the number one priority for any politician,” says best-selling author. Pundits and fans alike have long argued that Martin’s fantasy epic is a climate change metaphor or parable since a major theme is that the climate is about to change for the worse in a way that endangers everyone.   Read the entire article at ThinkProgress.    […]


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Can Paris Exist Sans Gasoline? Its Mayor Thinks So.

Posted: 10.21.2018 no comments


If Paris’s socialist mayor Anne Hidalgo gets her way — and gale-force opposition is trying to make sure she doesn’t — one day you won’t be able to drive a gas-powered car through Paris, but you will be able to breathe. That is the choice, and it should be an obvious one. No city should […]


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Climate change will get worse. These professional investors are betting on it.

Posted: 10.17.2018 no comments


A top investment strategist for JPMorgan Asset Management sent a note to clients earlier this year with a dire forecast. Despite global efforts to stop climate change, sea levels are likely to rise dramatically, threatening the 40 percent of Americans who live along the coast. There will be investment opportunities in sea walls.   Read […]


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