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Congressional Climate Crisis Action Plan

Posted: 07.02.2020 no comments


In this report, the majority staff for the select Committee lays out a framework for comprehensive congressional action to satisfy the scientific imperative to reduce carbon pollution as quickly and aggressively as possible, make communities more resilient to the impacts of climate change, and build a durable and equitable clean energy economy.



The Climate Crisis Action Plan lays out hundreds of recommendations for comprehensive congressional action and rests on 12 key pillars. These recommendations offer an array of policy solutions that can benefit communities across the country, whether they are rural or urban; create good, local jobs; and reduce pollution. The most relevant chapters to Disaster Risk Reduction, are:


  • Invest in infrastructure to build a just, equitable, and resilient clean energy economy (p. 31);
  • Improve public health and manage climate risks to health infrastructure (p. 313);
  • Invest in American agriculture for climate solutions (p. 339);
  • Make U.S. communities more resilient to the impacts of climate change (p. 374);
  • Protect and restore America’s lands, waters, ocean, and wildlife (p. 428);
  • Confront climate risks to America’s national security (p. 503).