Ford Goes ‘All In’ on Electric Cars

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 07.13.2018


Ford Motor Co. will more than double spending on electrified vehicles, amplifying its investment in a segment that the auto industry sees growing from what’s now just a fraction of the market.   Read the entire article at Bloomberg.   The carmaker will shell out $11 billion bringing 40 electrified vehicles to market by 2022, Jim […]


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Sweden’s New Electric Highway Works like a Scaled-up Slot Car Track

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 04.27.2018


In a move that will delight anyone who raced slot cars as a kid, the Swedish Transport Administration has just opened a 2-km stretch of electrified road that works the same way. The project, dubbed eRoadArlanda, involves embedding electric rails into the road surface to power electric vehicles through a contact arm hanging down from […]


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UPS Updates Its Fleet of Trucks to Electric

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 04.05.2018


UPS, which operates one of the largest fleets of vehicles in the world, has several electrification efforts. It is quite excited about the prospect of going all-electric as it deploys a new smart-grid technology to support its growing EV fleet in London.   Read the entire article at elektrec.   So much so that it called […]


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Paris Mayor Wants Free Transit for All

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 04.04.2018


Leaders in Brussels, Seoul and Salt Lake City have all experimented with free transit to curb air pollution on smoggy days. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo wants to take the practice one step further, and offer fareless service year-round. Reuters reports that Hidalgo announced this week that the city will conduct a feasibility study of free […]


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Over Half the World’s Buses will be Electric by 2025

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 02.19.2018


Nearly half of the municipal buses on the road worldwide will be electric within seven years, with China expected to dominate the global market as it aims to cut urban pollution and support domestic manufacturers.   Read the entire article at Bloomberg.   Public buses are a key part of the urban transit infrastructure, and the […]


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China is Building Solar Roadways

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 01.12.2018


Transparent concrete sits atop solar cells that charge electric vehicles driving on the road.   Read the original article at electrek.      The Jinan City solar highway is formed with three layers. The top layer is a transparent concrete that has similar structural properties with standard asphalt. The central layer is the solar panels – […]


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EasyJet Developing a Fleet of Electric Planes

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 10.09.2017


  Read the entire article at dezeen.    UK budget airline EasyJet has paired with US firm Wright Electric to develop a battery-powered aircraft fleet that can be used for its short haul flights. As part of a wider strategy to progressively decarbonise and reduce noise from aviation operations, EasyJet hopes to build the all-electric commercial passenger […]


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How a City in Spain Got Rid of Its Cars

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 09.20.2017


Read the entire article at CityScope.    It’s just a regular Wednesday morning in downtown Pontevedra. Everywhere you look there are pedestrians: walking their dogs, pushing baby strollers, heading to work, shopping or simply sitting and watching other people go by.     Watching the scene, it is hard to believe that not long ago, […]


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How Climate Change is Impacting the Travel Industry

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 08.14.2017


Read the entire article at Time.   National and global transportation systems, and the economic activity they support, have been optimized for the climate in which it all developed: Machines are designed to operate in common temperature ranges, logistical plans depend on historical weather patterns, and coastal land development is based on known flood zones. In […]


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10 Times Cheaper to Take Electric Robo-Taxis than to Own a Car

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 06.09.2017


Read the entire article at Fast Company.   A new report predicts that we’re on the edge of an incredibly rapid transition to an entirely new transportation system – where it will be so much cheaper and easier to not own a car, you’ll get rid of it as soon as you can.     Self-driving cars, […]


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