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Mexico’s Energy Storage Market is Open for Business

Posted: 08.21.2017

Read the entire article at GreenTech Media.   Mexico doesn’t have any grid storage – but that won’t be the case for long. A recent market reform has set the stage for private grid investment. The government wants storage to be a part of it.     After decades with a state-owned monopoly utility, Mexico deregulated its […]

Renewable Energy Hits Global Tipping Point

Posted: 08.18.2017

Read the entire article at Forbes.   Beyond global accords and national policies, market forces are now making clean, renewable power a competitive lower-cost reality. “Numerous key markets have reached an inflection point where renewables will have become the cheapest form of new power generation by 2020, a dynamic we see spreading to nearly every country we […]

Why Coastal Insurance Costs are Rising

Posted: 08.16.2017

Read the entire article at Yale Climate Connections.   The insurance system has been strained by huge payouts after devastating storms. So many American homeowners in flood-prone areas are facing more expensive insurance premiums.     Filer: “Particularly post-Katrina and post-Sandy, now, insurers are going back in and reevaluating the risk and that’s why we’re starting […]

How Climate Change is Impacting the Travel Industry

Posted: 08.14.2017

Read the entire article at Time.   National and global transportation systems, and the economic activity they support, have been optimized for the climate in which it all developed: Machines are designed to operate in common temperature ranges, logistical plans depend on historical weather patterns, and coastal land development is based on known flood zones. In […]

Methane-Eating Bacteria Discovered Deep Beneath Antarctic Ice Sheet

Posted: 08.11.2017

Read the entire article at Newsweek.   Bacteria that eat methane, a greenhouse gas, have been discovered in an Antarctic lake that has been isolated from the atmosphere for thousands of years. Their presence could significantly reduce the potential risk of warming posed by reservoirs of gas locked up in the ice, scientists say.     […]

Giant Tunisian Desert Solar Project Aims to Power Europe

Posted: 08.09.2017

Read the entire article at Climate Home.   There has been talk of tapping into the Sahara desert’s vast resources of sunshine to power Europe for years, but little to show for it. Now a massive project in Tunisia is hoping to be the first to make the solar power export dream a reality. Developer TuNur this […]

Toyota Claims a Leap in Electric Car Battery Technology

Posted: 08.07.2017

Read the entire article at AXIOS.   In an unusual statement, Toyota says it is nearing a breakthrough in a type of lithium-ion battery system that has vexed researchers for decades, and that it will unveil a family of electric cars with a jump in currently available range in the early 2020s.     Why it […]

HyperLoop One Reaches 192 mph on Nevada Test Track

Posted: 08.04.2017

Read the entire article at TechCrunch.   Hyperloop One has achieved a new milestone in terms of making its Hyperloop vision a physical reality: The company completed a test on July 29, 2017 at its full-scale Nevada test track that travelled at high speed, running nearly the entirety of the 500 meter (1640 foot) test route. […]

Addressing Climate Change Should Be a Pillar of Republican Policy

Posted: 08.02.2017

Read the entire article at NewCo Shift.   The free market is perfectly suited to harnessing a solution, argues Jerry Taylor, a former climate skeptic.     Mr. Taylor is the founder of the Niskanen Institute. He spent years of his career as a professional climate denier  – his senior role at libertarian think tank Cato […]

A Carbon-Free City is Being Built From Scratch

Posted: 07.31.2017

Read the entire article at Scientific American.   Can a city built from scratch be profitable to developers and enjoyable to residents as it tries to be carbon-free? That is the question facing owners and planners of a mostly vacant, sunburned 400-acre plot of land near this city’s sprawling International Airport as they plan an energy system […]