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Solar Town, Babcock Ranch, Virtually Unscathed by Irma

Posted: 10.18.2017

  Read the entire article at Florida Weekly.   Located away from the coast on some of the highest ground in Southwest Florida, Babcock Ranch was designed with resiliency in mind. In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, a survey of storm impacts at Babcock Ranch is strong evidence of the benefits of Florida’s enhanced building codes […]

U.S. Courts Taking Climate Change Seriously

Posted: 10.16.2017

  Read the entire article at The Hartford Courant.    The third branch of the federal government, the appointed judicial branch, is finally getting serious about climate science. No longer can the elected executive branch and the elected legislative branches cave in to popular pressure to avoid the inconvenient truth that climate change adaptations will be […]

Cities Should View Trees as Public Health Infrastructure

Posted: 10.13.2017

  Read the entire article at Fast Company.   Think of a tree-lined street in the midst of a busy city. It feels like something of a treasure: hushed, cool, and sheltered from noise and sidewalk glare. These leafy streets cannot afford to be seen as a luxury, argues a new report from The Nature Conservancy.   […]

The World’s First Mobile, Solar-Powered Recycling Plant in the Middle of London

Posted: 10.11.2017

  Read the entire article at inhabitat.    The mobile recycling factory of the future just landed in the 19th century courtyard of the historic Somerset House in Central London. Trashpresso is a giant solar-powered recycling plant that transforms discarded plastic bottles into architectural tiles. The machine is the brainchild of Pentatonic, a furniture and design […]

EasyJet Developing a Fleet of Electric Planes

Posted: 10.09.2017

  Read the entire article at dezeen.    UK budget airline EasyJet has paired with US firm Wright Electric to develop a battery-powered aircraft fleet that can be used for its short haul flights. As part of a wider strategy to progressively decarbonise and reduce noise from aviation operations, EasyJet hopes to build the all-electric commercial passenger […]

Hidden Costs of Climate Change Running Hundreds of Billions a Year

Posted: 10.06.2017

  Read the entire article at the National Geographic.   Extreme weather, made worse by climate change, along with the health impacts of burning fossil fuels, has cost the U.S. economy at least $240 billion a year over the past ten years, a new report has found.     And yet this does not include this […]

Analysts Bullish on Tesla’s Fleet Truck Prospects

Posted: 10.04.2017

  Read the entire article at The Connected Car.   Last July, Elon Musk published a blog post on the Tesla website under the title “Master Plan, Part Deux.” As its name indicates, the post is a sequel to the original Master Plan, written in 2006, which detailed how Tesla hoped to introduce a game-changing car […]

What is a national urban policy?

Posted: 10.02.2017

  Read the entire article on CitiScope.   In most of the world’s countries, cities are growing fast. People and capital are rapidly flowing into urban centres in search of opportunity. But is there any guiding vision behind this process of urbanization? Will it lead to well-planned, sustainable and prosperous cities where every person has a chance […]

Extraordinary Living Chandelier Absorbs CO2 and Emits Oxygen

Posted: 09.29.2017

  Read the entire article at Inhabitat.   Lighting design has come a long way. Julian Melchiorri, a London-based designer and engineer, created this extraordinary living chandelier that not only lights up the room, but also actively purifies the air around it. Currently on display at the V&A Museum for London Design Week, the Exhale Chandelier […]

10 Giant Companies Commit to Electric Vehicles

Posted: 09.27.2017

  Read the entire article at InsideClimate News.   A coalition of global corporations, including Unilever, Ikea and shipping giant DHL, launched a global campaign today to accelerate the shift to electric vehicles and away from gas- and diesel-powered transportation—which generates almost a quarter of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions worldwide and has been the fastest growing […]