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Over Half the World’s Buses will be Electric by 2025

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 02.19.2018


Nearly half of the municipal buses on the road worldwide will be electric within seven years, with China expected to dominate the global market as it aims to cut urban pollution and support domestic manufacturers.   Read the entire article at Bloomberg.   Public buses are a key part of the urban transit infrastructure, and the […]


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China is Building Solar Roadways

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 01.12.2018


Transparent concrete sits atop solar cells that charge electric vehicles driving on the road.   Read the original article at electrek.      The Jinan City solar highway is formed with three layers. The top layer is a transparent concrete that has similar structural properties with standard asphalt. The central layer is the solar panels – […]


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Driverless Cars Could Help Solve Climate Change

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 12.06.2017


  Driverless vehicle use worldwide could lower traffic congestion and emissions contributing to climate change by 50 percent or more in 2050, according to a 2017 report led by global transport expert Lewis Fulton at the Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Davis.   Read the entire article at The Washington Post.   In an ideal […]


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Seven Megatrends that could Beat Global Warming

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 11.15.2017


  The tide is finally turning, thanks to innovations ranging from cheap renewables to lab-grown meat and electric airplanes.   Read the entire article at The Guardian.   It is becoming increasingly clear that it does not need to be all bad news: a series of fast-moving global megatrends, spurred by trillion-dollar investments, indicates that humanity […]


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Tesla Tiny House Integrates Solar with Powerwall

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 11.01.2017


  Read the entire article at TreeHugger.   Automotive and energy storage company Tesla’s innovations and concepts have been capturing the popular imagination for some time now, making electric cars aspirational and sexy, making waves with its solar roof shingles and disrupting the fossil fuel status quo with its massive, grid-scale batteries. The company is now making […]


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EasyJet Developing a Fleet of Electric Planes

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 10.09.2017


  Read the entire article at dezeen.    UK budget airline EasyJet has paired with US firm Wright Electric to develop a battery-powered aircraft fleet that can be used for its short haul flights. As part of a wider strategy to progressively decarbonise and reduce noise from aviation operations, EasyJet hopes to build the all-electric commercial passenger […]


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Analysts Bullish on Tesla’s Fleet Truck Prospects

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 10.04.2017


  Read the entire article at The Connected Car.   Last July, Elon Musk published a blog post on the Tesla website under the title “Master Plan, Part Deux.” As its name indicates, the post is a sequel to the original Master Plan, written in 2006, which detailed how Tesla hoped to introduce a game-changing car […]


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10 Giant Companies Commit to Electric Vehicles

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 09.27.2017


  Read the entire article at InsideClimate News.   A coalition of global corporations, including Unilever, Ikea and shipping giant DHL, launched a global campaign today to accelerate the shift to electric vehicles and away from gas- and diesel-powered transportation—which generates almost a quarter of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions worldwide and has been the fastest growing […]


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Duke Energy to Invest $6B for Solar, Batteries and EV Chargers

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 09.15.2017


Read the entire article at Green Tech Media.   Florida is set to get a lot more solar power and grid batteries – in exchange for losing a future nuclear power plant. Duke Energy Florida filed a revised settlement that lays out a four-year, nearly $6 billion investment into 700 megawatts of solar PV, 50 megawatts […]


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The Death of the Internal Combustion Engine

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 08.23.2017


  It had a good run. But the end is in sight for the machine that changed the world.   Read the entire article at The Economist.   “HUMAN inventiveness…has still not found a mechanical process to replace horses as the propulsion for vehicles,” lamented Le Petit Journal, a French newspaper, in December 1893. Its answer […]


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