Technology Innovations

Google’s New Tool to Fight Climate Change

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 02.07.2019


In the next decade or so, more than 6,000 cities, states, and provinces around the world will try to do something that has eluded humanity for 25 years: reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases, which warm the atmosphere and cause climate change.    Read the entire article at The Atlantic.    So where will they start? […]


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Tech Startups Focusing on Sea Level Rise Adaptation

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 11.12.2018


For a long time, coastal resilience was about building sea walls, elevating homes and renourishing beaches to protect people and property against storm surge. Then came satellites, the cloud and a new generation of tech entrepreneurs with bold ideas for tackling a new and urgent challenge: rapidly rising sea levels and increasingly destructive storms. By using […]


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Billionaires Chase Holy Grail of Energy

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 11.06.2018


Not long before he died, tech visionary Paul Allen traveled to the south of France for a personal tour of a 35-country quest to replicate the workings of the Sun. The goal is to one day produce clean, almost limitless energy by fusing atoms together rather than splitting them apart. The Microsoft Corp. co-founder said he […]


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Circular Economy: Michelin Finds a Second Life for Tires

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 06.08.2018


In late 2017, French tire giant Michelin acquired Lehigh Technologies, a 15-year-old company that reincarnates end-of-life tires into a specialty material called micronized rubber powder (MRP). The substance is already used by more than 60 companies (among them are seven of the world’s 10 biggest tire makers) for a wide range of applications, including as […]


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U.S. East Coast is Going All In on Offshore Wind Power

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 06.06.2018


Three northeastern US states signed up for a cumulative 1,200 megawatts (MW) of offshore wind power, and hinted at even more ambitious goals in the future.   Read the entire article at Quartz.   On May 23, Massachusetts’s awarded its first offshore-wind contract to Vineyard Wind for a 800 MW, 100-turbine farm to be built further […]


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Sweden’s New Electric Highway Works like a Scaled-up Slot Car Track

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 04.27.2018


In a move that will delight anyone who raced slot cars as a kid, the Swedish Transport Administration has just opened a 2-km stretch of electrified road that works the same way. The project, dubbed eRoadArlanda, involves embedding electric rails into the road surface to power electric vehicles through a contact arm hanging down from […]


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FLIR Technology Shines a Camera on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 04.20.2018


Seeing is often believing when it comes to addressing the impacts of climate change. As the effects of global warming become more noticeable, scientists tell us, public opinion has been shifting toward the importance of addressing climate change. While graphs and statistics make for good discussions, it’s often the “eyeball impact” that drives home the […]


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Four Things that Matter More than the Paris Agreement

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 03.15.2018


Much attention has been paid in recent years to achieving a global agreement on climate change — a feat that eluded governments for over two decades until the 2015 Paris Agreement. Once achieved, many hailed the agreement as a significant success for multilateral diplomacy. Still others pointed to its shortcomings — notably, that countries’ emissions […]


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Tesla Installing World’s Largest Solar Rooftop on Nevada Gigafactory

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 03.12.2018


Tesla is building a massive rooftop solar array on top of its Gigafactory 1 (GF1) outside Sparks, Nevada. Once finished, the 70-megawatt system will be the largest in the world by far. The current record-holder is the comparatively shrimpy 11.5-megawatt array in India that can power 8,000 homes.   Read the entire article at EcoWatch.   The […]


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World’s First Negative Emissions Plant Turns CO2 into Stone

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 10.27.2017


  Read the entire article and view the video at Quartz.    We produce 40 trillion kg of carbon dioxide each year, and we’re on track to cross a crucial emissions threshold that will cause global temperature to pass the dangerous 2°C limit set by the Paris climate agreement. Climate scientists are talking about a technology […]


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