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‘The Mother of All Risks’ Insurance giants call to stop bankrolling fossil fuels

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 09.18.2017


Read the entire article at Cascadia Weekly.   Warning that climate change amounts to the “mother of all risks,” three of the world’s biggest insurance companies this week are demanding that G20 countries stop bankrolling the fossil fuels industry.     Multi-national insurance giants Aviva, Aegon, and Amlin, which together manage $1.2 trillion in assets, released […]


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Duke Energy to Invest $6B for Solar, Batteries and EV Chargers

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 09.15.2017


Read the entire article at Green Tech Media.   Florida is set to get a lot more solar power and grid batteries – in exchange for losing a future nuclear power plant. Duke Energy Florida filed a revised settlement that lays out a four-year, nearly $6 billion investment into 700 megawatts of solar PV, 50 megawatts […]


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Stanford Scientists: Switch to Renewables Would Save 7 Million Lives Per Year, Create 24 Million Jobs

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 09.06.2017


Read the entire article at EcoWatch.   Californian scientists said a fossil fuel phase-out is achievable that would contain climate change, deliver energy entirely from wind, water and sunlight to 139 nations, and save up to 7 million lives each year. They said it would also create a net gain of 24 million long-term jobs, all by […]


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Mexico’s Energy Storage Market is Open for Business

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 08.21.2017


Read the entire article at GreenTech Media.   Mexico doesn’t have any grid storage – but that won’t be the case for long. A recent market reform has set the stage for private grid investment. The government wants storage to be a part of it.     After decades with a state-owned monopoly utility, Mexico deregulated its […]


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Renewable Energy Hits Global Tipping Point

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 08.18.2017


Read the entire article at Forbes.   Beyond global accords and national policies, market forces are now making clean, renewable power a competitive lower-cost reality. “Numerous key markets have reached an inflection point where renewables will have become the cheapest form of new power generation by 2020, a dynamic we see spreading to nearly every country we […]


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Giant Tunisian Desert Solar Project Aims to Power Europe

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 08.09.2017


Read the entire article at Climate Home.   There has been talk of tapping into the Sahara desert’s vast resources of sunshine to power Europe for years, but little to show for it. Now a massive project in Tunisia is hoping to be the first to make the solar power export dream a reality. Developer TuNur this […]


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Toyota Claims a Leap in Electric Car Battery Technology

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 08.07.2017


Read the entire article at AXIOS.   In an unusual statement, Toyota says it is nearing a breakthrough in a type of lithium-ion battery system that has vexed researchers for decades, and that it will unveil a family of electric cars with a jump in currently available range in the early 2020s.     Why it […]


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Addressing Climate Change Should Be a Pillar of Republican Policy

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 08.02.2017


Read the entire article at NewCo Shift.   The free market is perfectly suited to harnessing a solution, argues Jerry Taylor, a former climate skeptic.     Mr. Taylor is the founder of the Niskanen Institute. He spent years of his career as a professional climate denier  – his senior role at libertarian think tank Cato […]


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A Carbon-Free City is Being Built From Scratch

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 07.31.2017


Read the entire article at Scientific American.   Can a city built from scratch be profitable to developers and enjoyable to residents as it tries to be carbon-free? That is the question facing owners and planners of a mostly vacant, sunburned 400-acre plot of land near this city’s sprawling International Airport as they plan an energy system […]


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A German Village Generates 500% More Energy Than It Needs

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 04.17.2017


Wildpoldsried, a Bavarian village of about 2,600 residents, is leading the way in Germany’s extraordinary renewable energy transformation. Over the past 18 years, the village has invested in a holistic range of renewable energy projects that include 4,983 kWp of photovoltaics, five biogas facilities, 11 wind turbines and a hydropower system. As a result, the […]


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