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Urban Design Must Address Both Climate Adaptation and Mitigation

Author: 12.18.2017


  The only way to ensure that cities remain livable is for mayors, urban planners and designers to simultaneously cut emissions and help residents adapt to a warming planet.   Read the entire article at Forbes Magazine.   Consider the push to boost the number of energy-efficient buildings, whether through new construction or the renovation of […]


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Denver Votes to Require Green Roofs

Author: 11.17.2017


  Read the entire article at The Associated Press.   Denver became the latest city to require rooftop gardens or solar panels on big new buildings, which backers say will keep the outdoor air cooler, make storm water easier to manage and reduce the amount of energy burned by air conditioners.     A ballot initiative […]


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Hong Kong’s Multi-Decade Creative Solutions for Water Management

Author: 10.20.2017


  Read the entire article at CitiScope.   When it comes to water, Hong Kong is in a paradoxical situation. This city of more than 7 million people has few reliable sources of drinking water. There’s no major river or natural lake to draw from. Groundwater is scarce and difficult to reach. And the city’s hilly terrain […]


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Solar Town, Babcock Ranch, Virtually Unscathed by Irma

Author: 10.18.2017


  Read the entire article at Florida Weekly.   Located away from the coast on some of the highest ground in Southwest Florida, Babcock Ranch was designed with resiliency in mind. In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, a survey of storm impacts at Babcock Ranch is strong evidence of the benefits of Florida’s enhanced building codes […]


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Cities Should View Trees as Public Health Infrastructure

Author: 10.13.2017


  Read the entire article at Fast Company.   Think of a tree-lined street in the midst of a busy city. It feels like something of a treasure: hushed, cool, and sheltered from noise and sidewalk glare. These leafy streets cannot afford to be seen as a luxury, argues a new report from The Nature Conservancy.   […]


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What is a national urban policy?

Author: 10.02.2017


  Read the entire article on CitiScope.   In most of the world’s countries, cities are growing fast. People and capital are rapidly flowing into urban centres in search of opportunity. But is there any guiding vision behind this process of urbanization? Will it lead to well-planned, sustainable and prosperous cities where every person has a chance […]


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How a City in Spain Got Rid of Its Cars

Author: 09.20.2017


Read the entire article at CityScope.    It’s just a regular Wednesday morning in downtown Pontevedra. Everywhere you look there are pedestrians: walking their dogs, pushing baby strollers, heading to work, shopping or simply sitting and watching other people go by.     Watching the scene, it is hard to believe that not long ago, […]


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A Carbon-Free City is Being Built From Scratch

Author: 07.31.2017


Read the entire article at Scientific American.   Can a city built from scratch be profitable to developers and enjoyable to residents as it tries to be carbon-free? That is the question facing owners and planners of a mostly vacant, sunburned 400-acre plot of land near this city’s sprawling International Airport as they plan an energy system […]


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Automated Buses Will Reshape Our Cities

Author: 07.28.2017


Read the entire article at Fast Company.   When a short trial of an autonomous bus first ran in Helsinki, Finland, in 2016, most riders saw it as a novelty. But by this fall, if you work in downtown Helsinki, you might start riding the city’s robo-bus as part of your daily commute. The city is […]


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China Breaks Ground on First “Forest City”

Author: 07.07.2017


Read the full article at Inhabitat.    A pollution-fighting green city unlike any before is springing to life in China. Designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti, the first “Forest City” is now under construction Liuzhou, Guangxi Province. The futuristic city will use renewable energy for self sufficiency and be blanketed in almost 1 million plants and 40,000 […]


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