To Create Sustainability, Change How People Think

Jon Biemer 06.09.2024


Any time we take the initiative to create sustainability, we are intervening in a system. Systems are messy and resistant to change. Think capitalism (aka greed), or our weather (e.g. Climate Change), or local government (government of any size), or my daily routine (how dare you mess with that!). What hubris, thinking that we as […]


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Forbes Article: Mission to Awaken Crew Consciousness in 1 Billion People

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 11.20.2023


Growing faster with corporate support   In early 2023, This Spaceship Earth made the decision to move from a non-profit based on the support of individuals to support from corporations. The decision was made in hopes that by working with companies we could scale up global crew consciousness more quickly.   We were thrilled to […]


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Insuring Climate Risks w/ AI, IoT, Satellites & Big Data

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 06.20.2023


Insurers are being overtaken by the pace of change. Our climate crisis (among several other factors including technology) is redefining the nature of risk. The industry needs to move quickly to keep up with consumer expectations, close protection gaps, and respond to emerging threats.   Now is a moment of truth for insurers to consider their […]


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Origina Becomes Lead Corporate Supporter of This Spaceship Earth

David Houle - Futurist 05.22.2023


We are thrilled to announce that Origina is the lead corporate supporter of TSE. Here is the official press release.   Origina easily met the two criteria we at This Spaceship Earth consider when evaluating a potential corporate supporter. First, they have already shown a clear commitment to the environment by working to solve the […]


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Evidence the Tide is Turning: from Amazon, Walmart and Horizon

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 01.31.2022


  Written by Jon Biemer   I’m heartened by evidence that corporate America really can step up to its responsibility to help sustain Spaceship Earth.   Amazon’s packages   Amazon has delivered a lot of packages to our home during COVID-19. That’s a lot of corrugated cardboard – and a lot of trees. I was […]


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Our Climate Crisis: from Denial to Disconnection

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 08.15.2021


by David Houle (previously published in the Sarasota Herald Tribune)   If you read this newspaper, or any other newspaper, or watch the news on television, you know that we have entered a climate crisis that is deadly real. It can no longer be denied.      Here are just a few of the stories […]


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Leadership Guidance Concerning the Future of Climate

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 12.06.2020


by Bob Leonard and David Ross   Last year, the IPCC warned that we have until 2030 to take meaningful action to avoid the worst consequences of our climate crisis. We have the technologies and the knowledge to address this crisis. We can’t nullify it… it’s too late for that. But we can mitigate the […]


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