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A Prophet of Soil and Carbon Sequestration

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 08.12.2020


Submitted by Ernie Schroeder.   More than 40 years ago, in Nigeria, a young scientist named Rattan Lal encountered an idea that changed his life — and led, eventually, to global recognition and a worldwide movement to protect the planet’s soil.     Lal was fresh out of graduate school, recruited to join the newly […]


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Effects of Climate Change on Wine Production

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 01.13.2019


At the day-long conference, Bordeaux in America: The Climate Disruption, four academics detailed the ways in which the climate has changed and will continue to change, as well as the implications for the North American wine industry. They claimed that within 30 years, many vineyard locations within Napa Valley will simply be too warm for […]


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Florida’s Summertime Slime Fueled by Climate Change as well as Pollution

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 07.11.2018


Florida is awash in toxic algae right now. Blue-green algae covers 90 percent of Lake Okeechobee. It’s now grown thick in the canals connecting the lake to the St. Lucie River on the east coast, as well as in the Caloosahatchee River near Fort Myers on the west coast.   Read the entire article at the Tampa […]


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Is Soil Our Last Great Hope in Avoiding Catastrophic Climate Change?

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 12.15.2017


  Sequestering carbon in soil produces a triple dividend: it reduces climate change by extracting carbon from the atmosphere, it restores the health of degraded soil, and it increases agricultural yields.   Read the entire article at The New York Times.    The earth possesses five major pools of carbon. Of those pools, the atmosphere is […]


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This Tiny Country Feeds the World

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 10.25.2017


  Read the entire article at The National Geographic.    In a potato field near the Netherlands’ border with Belgium, Dutch farmer Jacob van den Borne is seated in the cabin of an immense harvester before an instrument panel worthy of the Starship Enterprise. From his perch 10 feet above the ground, he’s monitoring two drones—a driverless […]


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There’s a Climate Bomb Under Your Feet

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 10.23.2017


  Read the entire article at Bloomberg.   Soil locks away carbon just as the oceans do. But that lock is getting picked as the atmosphere warms and development accelerates. Long before most people ever heard of climate change, scientists divided a patch of Harvard University-owned forest in central Massachusetts into 18 identical 6-meter by 6-meter squares. […]


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Regenerative Agriculture Can Save the Planet

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 05.12.2017


Read the full article at EcoWatch.   A diverse group of farmers, food companies, scientists, non-profit and advocacy groups from more than 100 countries have joined together to support a definition for “regenerative agriculture,” as a way to rebuild soils, produce nutritious food and address the growing threat of climate change. “Regenerative agriculture keeps the natural […]


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