MIT Engineers Develop Battery that Removes CO2

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A pair of MIT engineers created a new way to efficiently remove carbon dioxide from the air. The system can be developed commercially at low cost and has a myriad of potential applications.     While there are alternative ways to remove carbon dioxide from gas, they typically only work well on carbon dioxide levels […]


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CO2 Capture Company Announces a New Methane Producing Plant

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Swiss company Climeworks has announced the opening of a new plant in Italy that will collect carbon dioxide (CO2) from ambient air and pair it with renewably made hydrogen (H2) to make methane fuel that would add little or no CO2 to the atmosphere.   Read the entire article at ArsTechnica.   This will be Climeworks’ […]


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Iceland Carbon Capture Project

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A pilot project that sought to demonstrate that carbon dioxide emissions could be locked up by turning them into rock appears to be a success. Tests at the CarbFix project in Iceland indicate that most of the CO2 injected into basalt turned into carbonate minerals in less than two years, far shorter a time than the hundreds or thousands of years that scientists had once thought such a process would take.


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