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Corporate Supply Chains Saved $19.3B Reducing CO2

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With greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in supply chains on average 5.5 times those of company’s direct operations, a new report by CDP reveals a step-change in corporate awareness and action on environmental impacts within their supply chains in the last decade.   Read the entire article at Sustainable Brands.    In 2018, 115 companies — wielding […]


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IKEA Commits to Zero Emissions Goals

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The world’s largest furniture retailer pledged to use only renewable and recycled materials in its products as part of a plan to have a positive impact on the world’s climate.   Read the entire article at Bloomberg.   IKEA aims to reduce more greenhouse gases than its value chain emits by 2030 and will reach that […]


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Novozymes Uses Sustainable Development Goals as a Catalyst for Growth

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Biotech innovator Novozymes’ president and CEO Peder Holk Nielsen is optimistic that the world has the willingness and the technology to tackle climate change.   Read the entire article at GreenBiz.   “You can get into the mood where this is such an overwhelming task that you can’t make a difference and therefore you go on doing […]


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New Sustainable Supply Chain Map Targets Major Chinese Manufacturers

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How can consumers determine the real sustainability successes of their favorite brands? That’s the perennial question for many Western shoppers these days, who often want to know whether the items and the brands they support are really as environmentally and socially benign as companies say.   Read the entire article at Triple Pundit.   A variety […]


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Apple’s Ambitious Recycled Materials Goal

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Read the full article at Triple Pundit.   Electronic waste, commonly called e-waste, is a big problem. Over 20 million tons of e-waste are produced annually, around 3.4 million tons of which hail from the U.S. According to iFixit, e-waste in the U.S. alone would weigh more than the combined weight of every living blue whale. […]


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Sustainability Now a Key Criteria for Corporate/Supply Chain Purchases

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Almost all procurement managers now look for sustainably-produced material in their purchases, according to a new survey – which comes as analysis of corporate deforestation commitments shows a dramatic rise in disclosure. Also, companies that hopped early onto the sustainability bandwagon say it’s paying off financially.   Authors of the Sustainable Procurement Barometer say consumers […]


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