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Mainland Miami Ponders Returning Neighborhoods to Nature to Survive Rising Seas

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 06.14.2017


Read the entire article at The Miami Herald. On mainland Miami, miles away from the pumps that keep Biscayne Bay from slowly swallowing South Beach, the neighborhood around Ray Chasser’s riverfront house seems like it’s drowning one high tide at a time.     When the moon is full and the bay bloated, a salty soup […]


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How Rising Seas and Coastal Storms Drowned the U.S. Flood Insurance Program

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 06.07.2017


Read the entire article at YaleEnvironment360.   Sea level rise and more severe storms are overwhelming U.S. coastal communities, causing billions of dollars in damage and essentially bankrupting the federal flood insurance program. Yet rebuilding continues, despite warnings that far more properties will soon be underwater.     The federal insurance program has subsidized thousands […]


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200 Cities Using New Tool to Improve Disaster-related Resilience

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 06.05.2017


Read the entire article at CityScope.   In a bid to boost resilience in the face of disaster, some 200 cities say they will start using a new tool to develop strategies for curbing disaster losses from climate change and other risks. The tool was released last week at the Global Platform for Risk Reduction summit held in […]


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Inland Properties Can Go Underwater First

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 05.17.2017


Read the entire post at John Englander.    Most assume that properties right on the coast are most vulnerable to rising sea level, but in many places, those much further inland will flood first. Properties right on the shore are often more than ten feet (3 meters) above sea level and might be safe for many decades. […]


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