Methane Leaks

Natural Gas has No Climate Benefit and May Make Things Worse

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 11.21.2017


  Study concludes that the methane emissions escaping from New Mexico’s gas and oil industry are “equivalent to the climate impact of approximately 12 coal-fired power plants.”   Read the entire article at ThinkProgress.   If the goal is to avoid catastrophic levels of warming, a recent report by U.K. climate researchers finds “categorically no role” […]


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Warming Temperatures Releasing Methane from Melting Permafrost

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 07.26.2017


Read the entire article at Futurism.   A new study indicates that warming temperatures caused by climate change may be releasing heat-trapping methane from layers of gas and oil that’s been lurking beneath the Arctic permafrost for thousands of years. Until now, anyway. As the permafrost melts, millions of tiny openings are created, and some of […]


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Google ‘Street View’ Cars Hunt for Methane

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 04.21.2017


Google gathers images for its street view application by sending cars with cameras to drive through cities and towns. Karin Tuxen-Bettman of Google says some of these cars have been given an additional mission. “While the street view car’s driving around capturing 360-degree imagery of all the public roads it drives on, it’s also capturing methane […]


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