Antarctica Ice Melt

Receding Glacier Uncovers a Landscape Unseen in Over 40,000 Years

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 02.04.2019


Glacial retreat in the Canadian Arctic has uncovered landscapes that haven’t been ice-free in more than 40,000 years and the region may be experiencing its warmest century in 115,000 years, new University of Colorado Boulder research finds.   Read the entire article at Phys.Org.    The study, published in the journal Nature Communications, uses radiocarbon […]


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Debunking Climate Change Myths Around Your Thanksgiving Table

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 11.21.2018


Despite the unmistakable evidence that climate change is happening, and that the effects we’re already experiencing are mostly caused by our own actions, it’s not uncommon to meet deniers around your family’s holiday table. Here are some of the common myths and errors you hear at family gatherings, and some short answers from state-of-the-science reports […]


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How Did the End of the World Become Old News?

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 07.30.2018


Editorial Note: Internally, at This Spaceship Earth, we had a discussion regarding whether or not to post this curated article by David Wallace-Wells in New York Magazine. It describes climate change as the end of the world. We would refine that to mean the end of humanity… the extinction of the human species (along with many other species). […]


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We Were Warned 30 Years Ago – Now Global Warming is “in our living room”

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 06.27.2018


On June 23, 1988, a sultry day in Washington, James Hansen told Congress and the world that global warming wasn’t approaching — it had already arrived. The testimony of the top NASA scientist, said Rice University historian Douglas Brinkley, was “the opening salvo of the age of climate change.”   Read the entire article at The […]


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Methane-Eating Bacteria Discovered Deep Beneath Antarctic Ice Sheet

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 08.11.2017


Read the entire article at Newsweek.   Bacteria that eat methane, a greenhouse gas, have been discovered in an Antarctic lake that has been isolated from the atmosphere for thousands of years. Their presence could significantly reduce the potential risk of warming posed by reservoirs of gas locked up in the ice, scientists say.     […]


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Miles of Ice Collapsing into the Sea

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 05.26.2017


Read the entire article and see all the images at The New York Times.   Four New York Times journalists joined a Columbia University team in Antarctica late last year to fly across the world’s largest chunk of floating ice in an American military cargo plane loaded with the latest scientific gear.We went to Antarctica […]


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