Right to Repair: the First Step in Solving eWaste

Hari Candadai 05.25.2024


As businesses navigate the landscape of technological innovation, it’s crucial to explore the intricate connections between eWaste, business growth and the imperative of embracing the right to repair.   It’s difficult to talk about topics like eWaste and sustainability from the corporate or IT perspective without sounding preachy on one hand or self-serving on the […]


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A Better Way Forward for the IT Industry and All of its Stakeholders

Tomás O'Leary 04.30.2024


“Businesses need to transform… be skeptical of business as usual. There needs to be a movement. There has to be a better way. Crew consciousness is the shift we need.” –  Tomás O’Leary, CEO and Founder, Origina   By forcing customers to migrate to the cloud or risk losing support and security updates, tech vendors […]


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Oregon Reduces eWaste with Right-to-Repair Bill

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 04.07.2024


Oregon Governor Tina Kotek signed into law the newest and toughest right-to-repair act in the U.S. This is the fourth such state law in the country, and it goes even further than California’s, in particular by resisting Apple’s lobbying to ban the use of “parts pairing” to hinder independent repair services.   Parts pairing is […]


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Corporations can help address e-waste, but the culture must change first

Shannon Mahaffey - COO, Origina 02.12.2024


How can we change a corporate IT culture that encourages B2B buyers to solve every problem with a new purchase instead of improving or simply maintaining the software or hardware they’ve already invested in?   Chief technology officers are faced with a difficult dilemma worldwide. They understand and acknowledge the environmental damage caused by filling […]


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The Necessity, Responsibility and Right to Repair

Tim Rumage - Planetary Ethicist 10.23.2023


I have three functional and operational VCRs. I understand that this opening statement is not something one could, or should, normally brag about in the world of digital streaming, but the VCRs work. And I have dozens and dozens of VHS recordings that I still enjoy. I will also confess that three of the five […]


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Less is More: Quality Not Quantity

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 07.10.2023


I think a lot about our divisive societies and the constant war and strife around the world, while we absolutely must work together to solve our climate crisis. I don’t have the answer, but I think a sharing economy is a step in the right direction.   Sharing Economy   A sharing economy delivers the […]


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The Right to Repair is Long Past Due

David Houle - Futurist 05.15.2023


Every person reading this column lives in a consumer economy. A consumer economy is a linear process of extract/produce/distribute/sell/buy/discard. We live in a world where waste has been planned into the equation. There is no waste in nature. Waste is a design flaw unique to humanity.     A consumer economy not only promotes consumption, […]


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