Less is More: Quality Not Quantity

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 07.10.2023


I think a lot about our divisive societies and the constant war and strife around the world, while we absolutely must work together to solve our climate crisis. I don’t have the answer, but I think a sharing economy is a step in the right direction.   Sharing Economy   A sharing economy delivers the […]


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Pick-n-Pull Adventures in Sustainability

Jon Biemer 09.03.2022


by Jon Biemer, P.E.   I want to see how my eco-actions can scale to be part of larger climate change solutions. Pick-n-Pull and its parent company Schnitzer Steel offer industrial-scale hope in that regard.   If you drive down Foster Road in Portland, east of the 205 freeway, you pass several auto and truck […]


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German Crew Member Explains Why Her Country is Tops in Recycling

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 10.05.2020


Crew member Yvonne Koppen was born and raised in Germany and has lived in the United States, France and Spain. She understands the struggle of settling in a new home and is happy to share simple tips and tricks on how things are done in her home country, to help expats get their German experience […]


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A Look Inside Ocean Plastics Recycling

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 03.17.2020


There have been several articles published lately about our broken recycling systems and how we might fix them. I knew about the manufacturing and consumer portions of the cycle, but little about the supply chain, wholesale and retail portions. So I decided to find out.   I interviewed Bill Davis, founder of BeachNecessities.com, an online […]


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Recycling is a Sham

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 03.03.2020


The things we are separating and putting into recycling bins are probably not being recycled. Recycling validates waste and it is a faux solution to the complex waste crisis we have designed ourselves into.   Systems Thinking recognizes that everything is interconnected. Solve a complex problem with a simple solution, and we inevitably cause other […]


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