Preparing for More Irmas: by Adaptation or Mitigation?

William "Coty" Keller 09.26.2017


Staff Writers Zach Murdock and Elizabeth Djinis did a nice job in the Sarasota Herald Tribune (Preparing for More Irmas, 9/17/2017) explaining that hurricane Irma represents the new normal: the strongest storms should get stronger in the coming decades as the ocean temperatures warm; creeping sea level rise will make storm surges and inundation worse, […]


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How the Sunshine State can live up to its name, while enabling all to prosper

William "Coty" Keller 04.27.2017


A Vietnam veteran, William “Coty” Keller is an ecologist and Florida Master Naturalist, working to conserve and restore the natural relationships among living things and the environment. He lives and works in Port Charlotte, FL. Current projects include leading the local chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, eradicating invasive species from the mangroves in the Charlotte […]


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Going Local on Climate Change

Christine Quigley 04.06.2017


Although it is important to understand the concept of climate change on a global level, it is not necessarily productive to frame the “solution” in the same way, simply because there is no single global solution. We see glaciers melting on one side of the planet and dust bowls gathering on another, and it’s almost automatic to think, “How in the world can I possible change this?”


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