Crew Commentary

NASA is a Treasure Worth Defending

David Houle - Futurist


As a boy, the four letters NASA meant unprecedented adventure to me. NASA opened up the frontier of space. It gave credence to all the science fiction I had read. Most importantly, it gave America a vision, one that brought the country together and gave us a collective sense of pride.


For me, that didn’t end when the Space Shuttle made its final landing. The main reason is that NASA then gave humanity endless, staggeringly beautiful images of Earth – This Spaceship Earth. In the past few decades, as it became clear that humanity was beginning to affect the only place we have to live, NASA gave us documentation of how the planet was changing.



I mention this as Trump, and many other politicians in Washington. D.C., seem determined to be on the wrong side of history. A position that truly threatens humanity, and all living things, in the long term. Some of these wrong-headed politicians have already attacked the EPA and are now talking about defunding NASA, a true national treasure. How dare they!


Fortunately, as I wrote here “Climate Change is Physics, not Politics“, the wise elders of the Republican Party are lobbying for a carbon tax, a free market solution that conservatives are supporting.


Instead of looking to cut NASA budgets, our country should provide it with ever more resources to help us better understand the status of Spaceship Earth at this critical moment in history. Please click on these links of information-rich images from NASA. If a picture is worth a thousand words, this portal of Spaceship Earth is worth a million of them!


NASA has many portals. They all show the magnificence and wonder of Spaceship Earth, and in many cases, what humanity is doing to alter it. NASA deserves our support. It is a national treasure!