Sustainable Fashion

New Sustainable Supply Chain Map Targets Major Chinese Manufacturers

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 02.07.2018


How can consumers determine the real sustainability successes of their favorite brands? That’s the perennial question for many Western shoppers these days, who often want to know whether the items and the brands they support are really as environmentally and socially benign as companies say.   Read the entire article at Triple Pundit.   A variety […]


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Stella McCartney calls for overhaul of “incredibly wasteful” fashion industry

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 12.08.2017


  Clothes must be designed differently, worn for longer and recycled as much as possible to stop the global fashion industry consuming a quarter of the world’s annual carbon budget.    Read the entire article at The Guardian.   Fashion designer Stella McCartney condemned her industry as “incredibly wasteful and harmful to the environment” as she […]


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Waste is so last year: how the fashion industry is cleaning up its carbon footprint

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 05.19.2017


Read the entire article at the World Economic Forum.   The fashion industry is second only to oil as the top industrial polluter, and as a result is taking broad steps to make it more environmentally conscious. In 2016, a denim brand started to phase out PFCs (perfluorinated chemicals) thought to pose risks to human health and […]


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