Internal Combustion Engine Mechanic Ready for EV Revolution

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 08.01.2018


He’s teaching others how to fix hybrid and electric cars. He bought his first hybrid car in 1999 – and never looked back – as a consumer or as a mechanic.    Read the entire article at Yale Climate Connections.   For 40 years, Craig Van Batenburg has owned an auto repair shop in Worcester, Massachusetts. Van […]


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The New Economics of Energy Storage

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 03.20.2017


Energy storage is a favorite technology of the future – for good reasons. Many people see affordable storage as the missing link between intermittent renewable power, such as solar and wind, and 24/7 reliability. Utilities are intrigued by the potential for storage to meet other needs such as relieving congestion and smoothing out the variations in […]


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Solar Industry Clamors for Workers as Jobs Climb by 25%

tsechristine 02.17.2017


U.S. solar-industry employment in 2016 grew at the fastest pace in at least seven years, with growth in all sectors including manufacturing, sales and installations, as demand for clean power swelled. One out of every 50 new American jobs last year was in the solar industry, which now employs more than 260,000 workers, according to […]


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