Professional Risk Management: the X Factor for Climate Change Mitigation

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 05.11.2018


In their reports on extreme events during 2017, Munich Re and Swiss Re have estimated worldwide natural catastrophe losses at around $330 billion dollars, the second worst on record. Losses from weather-related disasters were the worst ever, as a result of the hurricanes which hit the United States and Caribbean. It was also a record […]


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Insuring Nature to Ensure a Resilient Future

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 03.21.2018


What’s happening on a 60-kilometer stretch of coastline on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula may change how the world values its coral reefs.   Read the entire article at The Nature Conservancy.   In 2005, Mexico’s Caribbean coast was struck by two hurricanes, causing USD$8 billion in damages and closing hotels and other businesses in Cancún long […]


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Insuring the Future

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 11.06.2017


  Insurers forecast risk by extrapolating from the past. How can they continue to do so in an era of rapid volatility?   Read the entire article at HuffPost.   Insurance is the economic tool we use to manage many of the key risks we face – to health, to property and to a range of […]


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