60 National Security Leaders Send Trump a Letter – Stop Climate Denial

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 03.18.2019


60 former leaders in the military and national security community sent a letter today urging President Trump not to subject the government’s own authoritative climate reports to an apparently partisan review, The Washington Post reports.    Read the entire article at The Washington Post.    The letter references the Post’s recent report that the National Security […]


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Climate Change is Our Most Pressing Security Threat

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 01.24.2018


The newest U.S. National Security Strategy was released last month, and it misses the mark in one particularly worrisome area: the threats related to climate change and global warming, which were all but ignored.    Read the entire article at Bloomberg View.   By following this path, the U.S. is not only surrendering a position of global leadership on […]


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