Climate Council Disbanded While Tanker Traverses Arctic Without an Ice Breaker, and Harvey Continues Record Breaking Run

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 08.30.2017


  This article, written by Tim Rumage, appeared originally at Planetary Ethicist.   The disbanding of the Climate Council1 was an easy story to miss in the last couple of weeks of statutes, protests, Harvey and floods. Even today’s news of the US State Department’s proposed reorganization2 (which functionally demotes discussions on Climate Change and […]


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Addressing Climate Change Should Be a Pillar of Republican Policy

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 08.02.2017


Read the entire article at NewCo Shift.   The free market is perfectly suited to harnessing a solution, argues Jerry Taylor, a former climate skeptic.     Mr. Taylor is the founder of the Niskanen Institute. He spent years of his career as a professional climate denier  – his senior role at libertarian think tank Cato […]


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