It IS Happening Faster Than Projected

David Houle - Futurist 06.05.2023


One of the truest statements about our climate crisis, and an attempt  at humor amidst crisis, is:   No one has ever attended a Climate Change conference and returned to say, “Wow!  Global warming is happening slower than expected.”   The painful truth is that global warming and our resultant climate crisis is happening faster […]


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Our Oceans, Our Future

Tim Rumage - Planetary Ethicist 06.14.2017


The ocean has a draw to it.  We go there to live, to work, to relax, to escape, and to find ourselves. It is a mystery, a provider, a taker, and a wonder. It is a source of life.     In an effort to improve our relationship with the ocean, the theme of this […]


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Keeping America (and Americans) safe

Tim Rumage - Planetary Ethicist 03.08.2017


Based on public pronouncements, one of the key metrics in determining US Policy at present is whether the policy under review will keep America (and Americans) safe. If we want to keep Americans safe, then fund the EPA and support/strengthen their policies to defeat air pollution. Perhaps when we can breathe safer, we will breathe easier.


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