Beyond Discouragement: Repair One Dishwasher, Repair the World

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 05.15.2022


by Jon Biemer   The repairman said the dishwasher’s diverter valve had failed. “That decides whether to shoot jets of water through the lower or upper spray arms.” Our automatic dishwasher typically requires less water, energy, soap and time than hand washing. “However,” the man said, “ASKO no longer makes parts for its out-of-warrantee appliances.” […]


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Handprint Thinking

Jon Biemer 12.09.2019


Many of our efforts to reduce our impact on the Earth have limitations. We keep running into old habits, family priorities, clunky infrastructure and a sense that we just can’t get good enough.   There is an answer to this conundrum. I call it Handprint Thinking.     Decades ago, I read a book on […]


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