The Insurance Industry Must Evolve to Meet the Growing Risks of Our Climate Crisis

Author: 05.09.2023


About 40% of the US population lives in an area vulnerable to climate impacts including sea level rise, extreme weather and forest fires. How do we pay for the damages that occur and distribute the risk? This is a huge concern for the insurance industry in particular.   Ten insurers have gone belly up in […]


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The Story Behind Kufunda – an African Learning Community

Author: 01.08.2022


What follows is a transcript of an interview by my friend Christine Brauitgam of Maaianne Knuth, the founder of the Kufunda village in Zimbabwe. I edited the interview for length and clarity. You can listen to the entire interview here. – Bob Leonard    Hello this is Christine Brautigam. I was a guest, volunteer, and […]


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Either We Evolve Our Consciousness or We Risk Societal Collapse

Author: 10.23.2021


Terence Sexton, Business Psychologist, asserts that we need to develop our collective consciousness if we are to create a sustainable society.


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