Addressing Our Climate Crisis at the Grass Roots

Jon Biemer 05.07.2024


Editor’s Note: Jon Biemer gives us a real life example of what can happen at the local level when climate activists, municipal administrators and just plain folks cooperate and collaborate to tackle our climate crisis.   Pat Wartinger is a retired teacher and grandmother and a whirlwind of sustainability. The point here is not so […]


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The Horror of COP28

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager | David Houle - Futurist 12.19.2023


Last Commentary we wrote about the hypocrisy and failure of the COP28 conference in Dubai, which ended last week. This column is about the absolute horror of this failure from a historical perspective and the failure of all 28 annual COPs.   28 annual conferences focused on global warming and the CO2 emissions that have […]


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Voting for the Environment

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 11.14.2023


Human-driven global warming has long been a divisive issue in the U.S., thanks in part to decades of polarizing messaging from industry, political figures and others. As the world experiences extreme heat and other climate change-driven events with increasing frequency, people’s views on what’s happening still vary widely, but they are changing.   The political […]


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