It IS Happening Faster Than Projected

Author: 06.05.2023


One of the truest statements about our climate crisis, and an attempt  at humor amidst crisis, is:   No one has ever attended a Climate Change conference and returned to say, “Wow!  Global warming is happening slower than expected.”   The painful truth is that global warming and our resultant climate crisis is happening faster […]


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UK Startup ENSO Tire Reinvents the Wheel

Author: 05.29.2023


We are at the beginning of a sea change in product design and manufacturing that can lead us to a circular zero carbon economy. Massive opportunities abound and ENSO CEO Gunnlaugur Erlendsson has a first mover advantage.   When tires make contact with the road, tiny particles are worn away by friction. Two billion tires […]


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The Right to Repair is Long Past Due

Author: 05.15.2023


Every person reading this column lives in a consumer economy. A consumer economy is a linear process of extract/produce/distribute/sell/buy/discard. We live in a world where waste has been planned into the equation. There is no waste in nature. Waste is a design flaw unique to humanity.     A consumer economy not only promotes consumption, […]


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