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Germany Breaks Record: 85% of Energy Comes From Renewables

Author: 05.15.2017


Read the entire article at EcoWatch.   Germany’s “Energiewende” (the country’s low-carbon energy revolution) turned another successful corner last weekend when renewable energy sources nearly stamped out coal and nuclear. Thanks to a particularly breezy and sunny Sunday, renewables such as wind and solar, along with some biomass and hydropower, peaked at a record 85 percent, or […]


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The Solar Singularity

Author: 04.12.2017


The “solar singularity” is the point where solar becomes so cheap in a majority of countries around the world, that it is established as the default new power source.  I’ll cover not only solar, but also battery storage, electric vehicles and self-driving cars, which together constitute the parallel and intertwined revolutions that are set to […]


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Six Countries Lead the Way in the Renewable Energy Boom

Author: 03.10.2017


Clean energy continues to overtake fossil fuels as the main source of new energy investments around the world. About 70 gigawatts of new solar generation and 59 gigawatts of new wind power came online in 2016. This amounts to $287 billion in new clean energy investments in 2016, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. We can see […]


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The Whole System Cost of Renewables

Author: 03.01.2017


Dramatic cost reductions mean wind and solar can now compete on price with conventional sources of energy in many parts of the world. This turns the spotlight onto the so-called “whole system costs” of integrating renewables into the electricity system, which include backing up intermittent generation and strengthening grids.   In a report published this week, […]


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Solar Industry Clamors for Workers as Jobs Climb by 25%

Author: 02.17.2017


U.S. solar-industry employment in 2016 grew at the fastest pace in at least seven years, with growth in all sectors including manufacturing, sales and installations, as demand for clean power swelled. One out of every 50 new American jobs last year was in the solar industry, which now employs more than 260,000 workers, according to […]


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