Ocean Fisheries

Oxygen Levels in Oceans are Dropping

Author: 03.10.2019


Widespread and sometimes drastic marine oxygen declines are stressing sensitive species — a trend that will continue with climate change.   Read the entire article at Scientific American.    Escaping predators, digestion and other animal activities require oxygen. But that essential ingredient is no longer so easy for marine life to obtain, several new studies reveal. In […]


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Crab Fishers Sue Fossil Fuel Industry Over Climate Change Damage

Author: 11.18.2018


Crab fishing on the West Coast has become so threatened by warming oceans that a coalition of commercial fishers has now joined the climate litigation fray with a lawsuit filed to hold 30 fossil fuel companies accountable for losses caused by climate change.   Read the entire article at Inside Climate News.    The lawsuit, filed […]


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