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This Solar Powered Airport has Eliminated Electricity Bills

tsedevino 03.29.2016


“Cochin International Airport, the world’s first 100 percent solar airport, is generating so much power from its massive solar array that the airport no longer pays for electricity.

Cochin started its solar journey three years ago when it installed solar panels on the roof of its arrivals terminal. It eventually blossomed into a 12 megawatt solar project after the airport commissioned German multinational engineering and electronics company Bosch to build the impressive $9.5 million plant that features 46,000 panels laid out across 45 acres of unused land near the airport’s international cargo terminal.”


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New Solar Technology Possibilities are Endless

tsedevino 03.25.2016


Its lightweight! Its flexible! It can be applied to any surface! The possibilities are endless.


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Tesla “Not A Dream”

tsedevino 03.23.2016


A surreal land of oil & gas is visited by an unlikely yet welcomed stranger.


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21 Kids Take On Big Oil

tsedevino 03.17.2016


“Hundreds of students, activists, professors and citizens concerned about climate turned out in Eugene, Oregon to support 21 young plaintiffs, ages 8-19, in what Bill McKibben and Naomi Klein call the ‘most important lawsuit on the planet right now.'”


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Off-Grid Solar Report

tsedevino 03.13.2016


“It’s been a big week for reports that will be useful to those working to enable a broad range of off-grid energy solutions for the 1.2 billion people currently lacking access to modern energy.

First, today marks the release of the much-anticipated Off-Grid Solar Market Trends Report 2016, published by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) and the World Bank Group’s Lighting Global program, in cooperation with the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association (GOGLA). The report addresses trends in markets for off-grid solar products and services, noting that annual investments into the sector have risen 15-fold from 2012 to $276 million in 2015 alone. To put this rapid investment spike in context: the total investment in the sector to date is $511 million.”


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World’s Carbon Budget is Still Too Small

tsedevino 03.07.2016


“Climate scientists have bad news for governments, energy companies, motorists, passengers and citizens everywhere in the world: to contain global warming to the limits agreed by 195 nations in Paris last December, they will have to cut fossil fuel combustion at an even faster rate than anybody had predicted.”


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Shell’s Heir Goes Green

tsedevino 02.19.2016


“It is perhaps no surprise that a country house bequeathed to the nation by the family that made its fortune from Shell petroleum should run entirely on barrel after barrel of oil – 25,000 litres of it each year.

But after a green makeover, the Upton House estate in Warwickshire has ditched the polluting fossil fuel and is now producing the equivalent energy from two wood pellet boilers.”


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Cars to Run on Cactus

tsedevino 02.15.2016


Read the full article on http://www.climatechangenews.com/   “In Mexico, cars will soon run on cactus. A company has built the world’s first digester to make biogas from the desert plant’s fruit, according to media reports.   The fruit or prickly pears are pureed, mixed with manure, then left to decompose, producing methane. That gas is used for […]


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The First Phase of the World’s Largest Solar Plant

tsedevino 02.09.2016


“Morocco’s King Mohammed VI switched on the first phase of the world’s largest concentrated solar plant today in the southern town of Ouarzazate. A ceremony was held to officially inaugurate Noor 1 and break ground on the second phase which includes the Noor 2 and 3 projects.”


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France to build 1000km of road with solar panels

tsedevino 02.03.2016


Read the full article on http://www.solarcrunch.org   “France is planning on a project to build 1000 kilometers of road with specially designed solar panels. This project will supply 5 million people in France with electricity if it is successful. Though many solar experts are skeptical of this project, the french government has given the go ahead […]


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