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Eight Tips for Low Footprint Traveling

Posted: 05.17.2018 no comments


Travel season will soon be in full swing. Unfortunately, globe-trotting can significantly enlarge your carbon footprint. Ensure a more mindful and sustainable trip by implementing these eight simple strategies.


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Seek Out Sustainable Lodging

Increased demand means you can find Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (or LEED-certified) housing easier than ever. Choose eco-friendly resorts, hostels or B&Bs that grow their own food, recycle and compost waste. Use the search tool at environmentallyfriendlyhotels.com to find good options.



Purchase Carbon Offsets


When you buy offsets, it counterbalances your travel pollution by funding an emission-reducing effort elsewhere. Groups such as Carbonfund, Green Mountain Energy and TerraPass use carbon-offsets money to fund clean-energy initiatives, such as wind-power projects and capturing landfill gases.


Don’t Pack the Whole House


According to Delta Airlines, if every traveler packed just two fewer pounds per flight, the environmental impact from decreased fuel use would be equivalent to removing 10,500 cars from the road for an entire year.


Carry Your Own Snacks


When hunger strikes on the road or in the air, you’re often limited to overpriced convenience foods with single-use packaging. Pack your own zero-waste, shelf-stable snacks like an apple or banana, nuts and bulk trail mix in reusable containers.


Choose Public Transportation and Comfy Shoes


Exploring your destination by foot, bike rental, bus or subway not only reduces CO2, but also allows you to see new places like a local. Apps like Transit and Moovit make navigating a new city easy.


Eat More Plants


Choose plant-forward restaurants serving regionally sourced, seasonal fare. Use an app like HappyCow to find vegetarian-friendly restaurants anywhere. Reduce restaurant waste by sharing meals with travel buddies. Dine in rather than using takeout to avoid disposable paper and plastic.


Give Back as You Go


Vacation volunteering, called “voluntourism,” provides a unique way to connect with locals, serve a community need and learn about an area’s history. Many U.S. groups, such as VolunteerMatch and Points of Light, offer drop-in volunteer options, from urban gardening and dog walking to meal prepping for needy seniors. If you’re traveling abroad, check out GiveaDayGlobal.org or PodVolunteer.org.


Bring Your Own Bottle


According to the International Air Transport Association, airlines produced 5.2 million tons of trash in 2016, including innumerable drink cups and water bottles. Tote a reusable bottle, and use water refill stations before boarding and throughout your trip. Bring your own coffee canteen (we love Hydro Flask and Klean Kanteen). Bonus: Many coffee shops give discounts for BYO.