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World’s biggest defence company to make energy from landfill

Posted: 12.17.2016 no comments


Read the full article online at http://newatlas.com


energy-from-landfill“Lockheed Martin is making progress with its plan to be a global player in the clean energy market. Last month, executives at Lockheed Martin’s Owego, New York plant cut the ribbon on a new self-sustaining bioenergy system that is helping power the facility, converting 3,560 tons of waste per year into electricity. Lockheed Martin spokesperson Michael Friedman told New Atlas the company hopes that in time the system will provide a clean, scalable answer to the world’s landfill and clean electricity problems. While converting bio-waste into energy is not new, incineration is still the most popular way of achieving this. The problem is, using fire as a step in the process creates serious emission problems, especially in countries that are already struggling with air pollution.


The bioenergy technology used by Lockheed Martin was developed in partnership with the German-Indian waste-to energy manufacturers, Concord Blue. The system uses a process Concord Blue calls Advanced Gasification, which is oxygen-free and flame-free. Because there’s no incineration, no harmful byproducts are produced, emissions are limited and landfill waste is greatly reduced. Friedman told New Atlas that with more than seven billion people on the planet, Lockheed Martin sees sustainable waste disposal and a need for energy that is both secure and clean as vital to our future quality of life. “Landfills and fossil fuels no longer meet the pressing needs of our time,” he says.”


Read the full article online at http://newatlas.com