Tracie Troxler



Tracie Troxler started her career in community-based healthcare providing occupational therapy services to children and adults for nearly a decade in the San Francisco Bay area. In healthcare at the time, she felt that an important link to wellness was missing, which was the connection between people and planet, so she re-shaped her path.


She went on to work for a start-up non-profit solar company that installed solar electric systems across the state of California for families living on low incomes. She managed statewide community events that brought hundreds of people together from all walks of life to work side by side and install solar power in neighborhoods that may not otherwise have access to this technology. During her 5 years in solar she was also cultivating a passion for local food and resource conscious living which led her to take time out to learn and work with many inspired teachers who taught about ecological design and growing food. She then started a bicycle-based backyard food gardening business and began leading small and large scale event initiatives to shape community action towards resourcefulness and zero waste.


She is currently developing partnerships and a community-engaged program for food scrap recovery and local composting in Manatee and Sarasota counties. She hopes to shed light on solutions that change the course of “waste”, which is ultimately the inequitable, global wasting of human life, health and ecosystem balance upon which we all depend. She believes that nature is our greatest teacher, that closing loops in human and natural resource cycles and creating more TSE crew consciousness will reduce the impacts of climate change and greatly improve how we care for and relate to each other, all of life, and the beautiful planet Earth.