How Not Recycling Old Clothes Can Hurt The Environment

tsedevino 06.17.2016


Americans may think they donate all of their used clothes, but only 15 percent of textiles are reused. That means a lot of fabric ends up in landfills.

Maybe you’ve done this yourself. You have clothing you want to get rid of. You sort out the stuff to donate. And the stuff that is just ratty beyond belief, well, you just toss it. Bret Jaspers, from member station WSKG in Binghamton, N.Y, reports that that might not be the best strategy if you care about the planet.


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Apple Has Recovered More Than A Ton Of Gold

tsedevino 04.27.2016


“Helping the environment pays back — in Apple’s case, to the tune of millions. The tech company says it recovered more than a ton of gold from recycled devices last year — 2,204 pounds, according to Apple’s environmental responsibility report.

It came from Apple products that were either dropped off at stores or mailed in by consumers. Each iPhone, for instance, contains approximately 25 milligrams of gold worth about $1, according to a Forbes report. With gold selling for about $1,237.50 an ounce, Apple got back approximately $43.6 million last year and reduced its need to mine more gold from the Earth.”


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