Conoco Philips to use giant chillers to refreeze the ground that climate change is thawing in order to drill for more oil

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 08.19.2020


ConocoPhillips, has proposed a large drilling project in northern Alaska, where climate change is causing the permafrost to melt. The company is planning to use chillers called thermosyphons to prevent the ground from thawing underneath key infrastructure, according to an environmental impact statement published last Friday. Melting permafrost could damage ConocoPhillips’ infrastructure, the Bureau of […]


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Warming Temperatures Releasing Methane from Melting Permafrost

Bob Leonard - Climate Risk Manager 07.26.2017


Read the entire article at Futurism.   A new study indicates that warming temperatures caused by climate change may be releasing heat-trapping methane from layers of gas and oil that’s been lurking beneath the Arctic permafrost for thousands of years. Until now, anyway. As the permafrost melts, millions of tiny openings are created, and some of […]


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